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No Bragging Intended

Too much green?

I LOVE the color green. I have a green cell, flip camera, ipod, and NOW a green Seagate (Christmas gift). Due to a camera switch with my mom. I now have a green digital camera. I love Christmas. Not just because I get amazing gifts. But because this year I manage to give a gift to each of my family members. I bought my mom a rooster timer (that’s her theme), I bought Mija a purse and movie, I bought Kathy a book that she has been wanting, and I gave dad a laptop bag for his new laptop he got from mom. So I was excited that my parents had something to open for Christmas as well.They always make Christmas unforgettable for me so its the least I can do.

Mija bought me a green alarm clock/radio. Yet another green electronic. So sue me. I love green! It is so cute, it has green embellishes of vines and butterflies on the sides of it. And the numbers on it are green too instead of being red like my last alarm clock. Which was Tweety Bird. Time for a change no? lol The biggest thing I got this Christmas was a Sewing Machine. I couldn’t believe it. My mom and dad actually bought me a sewing machine. It is cute too. I never thought of sewing machines as cute until now. I hope I will be able to get the hang of it. I wish I could fast forward that process. lol >_< But I’m excited to use it already, I just need material. My first project will be to make a Seagate cozy for Mija and myself. And then a camera cozy. They will both be green. Surprise surprise right? lol 😛  All in all it was another fantastic Christmas. My sisters and I will always be grateful for what we received. I’m so happy. I hope my friends had just a wonderful Christmas as I had. And soon a Happy New Year.

Again no bragging intended. And HAPPY HOLIDAYS! And Lots of Love! <3<3<3<3

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