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Grown Up Things and Such

You know that feeling you get when you come to the realization  that you are now an adult? I , still being in school and partially dependent  on my parents, have felt the cusp of this realization.

I am doing my best to finish school. I know that when I do finally finish I will probably  miss being in school. But the current  me is ready to be done. I want to move on/up in life. I know I won’t get there by skipping parts, and I’m not  trying to skip anything I just wish I was was  more prepared at this point.

I had a little health scare a couple weeks back and now I have to go to a GI and have samples taken, meaning needles will be involved. -.- Today I had to get blood drawn and needles and I do not get along. I exaggerated the pain a bit in my head so I’ve been dreading it for the past two weeks. It didn’t hurt at all. My arm feels a bit funny now, but I’m just glad it’s done. Now to get passed the procedure next week. T-T  More worrying.  I’ll keep you updated on the results.


Now on to happy things! I’ve picked up a few goodies in the past few weeks. >.<  I couldn’t help myself, so I wanted to share with you the things I’ve bought to distract myself and about the moments that have made me smile.

  1. Rilakumma sticky notes set- I bought these from fit(a Japanese store), I also bought two big ramen bowls. :3
  2. Tape runner- I bought two of these for 1.50 at Michaels. They were small and minty, I had to get them.
  3. MARKERS!!! The first two are also from Michael’s dollar section. They are the Studio g, pink and teal and the other two are Le Pen in Teal and Oriental Blue from Paper Source.
  4. Yarn!- I bought this skein from Hobby Lobby. The boyfriend picked it out, it’s similar to another yarn he bought me awhile back, only the background color is mint green instead of grey. Love this type.
  5. Pens! The first one came in a pack of three from Target’s dollar section, they were gel pens only they didn’t work too well so  I took the ink from a bic pen and just switched them out. They now write in black.  The other pen is from Paper Source, the peacock 7 year pen. If you couldn’t tell, I love buying pen and other office supplies.
  6. Cable hook- Size 11 US, 8 mm.  Also from fit. $2
  7. Washi Tape- you can barely see it in the picture, but it’s hidden there on my planner. I didn’t take a very good picture of it, but its a multicolor speckled one. Slowly growing my collection thanks to Target.

I also bought movies! Her, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Big Hero 6! Kat and  I couldn’t choose and so we decided to get all three. I don’t usually buy movies, we just watch them on Netflix. But when we saw that Budapest and Her were 10 bucks, we just had to get them. I also had Wednesday off this week and so the boyfriend and I went out to lunch and then had a quest at Hobby Lobby. I love craft stores and he needed help with a project but I kept getting distracted which would distract him as well. >.<  It’s definitely the tiny moments that are the best, I was crouched down looking at the adorable Fairy Tale charms they have there and he stood next to me sharing in my excitement saying, “Why did you show me these, I want them all.”  It was wonderful, he made time for me in the middle of the week. I’m always complaining about how I don’t see him enough, it was beyond wonderful and it made my week. :3 Next Saturday I will take him to my parents, I’m nervous but I think he’s much more nervous than I am.

I want to get some knitting done, so  I’ll end today’s post on that note.  I’ll keep you updated. Until next time…

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