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Such Pretty Things


So….I might have a slight obsession with these Target shoes. They are just so pretty and I can’t help myself. I have a problem, really. Back in February I purchased a flower pair, and then after that I bought these solid colors. I only bought the pink ones at first because they didn’t have the mint ones in my size. I’ve become one of those shoppers. I mean, I like the color. If I didn’t like it then I’d like to think that I wouldn’t have bought them….hopefully. :/

I went back a month or two ago and bought the mint ones in my size. >.< So bad. They aren’t the most comfortable shoes, my feet start hurting while I’m at work. But for a normal day out, they are fine. I’m thinking of getting some insoles for them, that might make them feel a bit better. It’s not like I plan on running a marathon in them.  I just like color coding my wardrobe. Is that so wrong? Continuing on to the next item on the cute list…


Mija made this gorgeous planner for me using a Russell&Hazel mini binder, making and designing all of the inserts herself. (I’ll update about it in greater detail) <3 She truly gets me, again she’s responsible for my kickass blog layout. My only complaint is that the binder rings are just a tad too small for my liking. But it doesn’t take away from how awesome it is. I prefer three ring binders, many of the filofax planners have six and that sort of annoys me. I recently ordered a Webster’s Pages Color Crush Planner in the Light Teal. I only ordered the binder because I’ve decided to either make or buy separate inserts. The color crush is a personal size but the rings are larger than the RH. I plan on using the one Mija made for projects, mostly for Mind-Speak/blogging business. Out of all the planners out there, the color crush one was reasonably priced and really pretty. Planners are another thing I’ve become obsessed with. You can order it with the inserts included, I just wanted to use my own. I ordered mine from, on the official Webster’s site the teal one I wanted was sold out. They go fast.


Each Color Crush planner comes with a keychain with a happy message on it. Mine says, Create Happiness. I’ll make sure to update again with more details on both planners. Until then…

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