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Concert Skirt and Sore Feet

Quite a few lovely things have happened in the past week/weekend. And I’m just so grateful to be where I am in life.

Last Wednesday, my sister Kat and I got to see Tennis in concert at the White Oak House Music Hall. I LOVE this band and I didn’t even notice when their tour was announced or that Houston was on the tour list to begin with. But I thankfully I found out just in time to order tickets. It was a sold out show so I’m glad I was impulsive. Normally, I don’t really do any research on the opening act, so I didn’t pay much attention but I was pleasantly surprised. The Greeting Committee had such a great energy and you could really tell they loved making music. I liked their sound and they were so approachable even nice enough to sign the CD I bought and let me take a photo with them. (Minus one member)

Concerts aren’t something I normally attend, but Kat and I have made some very slow improvements in that area. For more rowdy bands, I prefer standing in the back but for smaller venues and slower rock bands I don’t mind, and Kat and I got spots upfront this time. I think all of the concerts I’ve attended in the past year or so she has accompanied me. Thank goodness because she makes it much more fun. Thanks Kat for coming with me!!! With her new work schedule, planning things like this is somewhat impossible. But luckily, she was able to come with me. I had a lot fun and I hope to see both bands again some day.

Do you like going to concerts, if so, do you enjoy getting a spot upfront or do you prefer standing in the back? I’d love to hear about your concert going experiences. 🙂

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  1. Georgie Said:

    on April 24, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    For me, where I want to stand definitely depends on the kind of concert! I haven’t been to a lot of large concerts and I don’t go to as many as I did when I started out photographing concerts (I used to go to as many as three a week!). I’m lucky to have one a month these days. ?

    I used to want to be up the front all the time, and going to a lot of gigs for smaller bands meant that there was usually a lot of space at the front because no one wanted to get too close. I usually went alone, because my ex never wanted to come with me. But that gave me the opportunity to talk to the band members because they saw me as really keen and would sometimes come up and thank me for listening! 🙂 So I’m glad you got to have a photo taken with the opening act (I also haven’t heard of any of the bands you’ve mentioned!). I used to do a lot of research on the opening acts and try and listen to their music. I really liked doing it and it was a great way to find new music. ?

    If I’m seeing a really rowdy metal band or something, I might be super keen to go up to the front, but will make sure I wear old clothes that I don’t mind getting sweaty or possibly torn. Nick is never a fan of being at the front, so usually I stay with him at the back and watch. As I’ve gotten older I’ve wanted less and less to be up the front unless I am a huge, huge fan of the band. It kind of depends on the audience as well.

  2. Kimmy Said:

    on April 26, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    @Georgie, 3 a week? Wow. O.O
    I’ve only been to a handful of concerts so far. I enjoy music, but it didn’t occur to me to actually make time or find out when concerts where. And now that I’m in a large city, more bands that I like actually make it a tour stop.

    But yeah, it definitely depends on the bad. But I’m more into watching from a spot where I have more space to breathe. XD

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