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Ugly (Ipod) Monsters

Ok I spent most of my time the other day making weird plushies. I was inspired by Stupid Creatures and decided to make my own. My sewing skills are in need of desperate improvement but that’s what practice is for correct? >_<

Anyway, I had Kat design her monster and she picked out the fabric and she helped ironed and cut out limbs and she sewed things on by herself. I was surprised to tell you the truth. I thought her involvement with this project would stop at drawing out her monster. But nope she helped with the long process. It took forever. Like I said before I still suck at sewing. Even with my machine I am horrible at it. Sometimes my foot cramps up and I can no longer control the speed. So what happens is I go too fast and the thread gets caught and messes up. I see that as my sewing machine’s way of telling me off. I know inanimate objects can’t talk. But if my sewing machine could it probably wouldn’t be saying nice things to me. Kat’s finished hers up by sewing on the tail and arms and I started cutting out a pattern for mine. But then dad came into the dining room eating his 5th brownie. He examined Kat’s monster and immediately said, “It should hold your ipod.” After saying that he left getting another brownie. Even though Kathy was already finished with her creature I told her that, that wasn’t a bad idea. So we decided to make the monsters hold our ipods. lol Even though we were already tired of threading needles.

Kat’s creature took forever because I wasn’t sure how to even make it. But we figured it out and “made it work”. (Project Runway fans?)But by the time we finished Kat’s for the second time I just wanted to hurry up and finish mine. I ran into a lot of different problems while working on mine. But thankfully Kathy was there to help me work through them. So the finish products are displayed in the pictures above. On Kat’s I used the zipper to double as a mouth while at the same time as an opening. So her monster consumes her ipod while mine sort of digests my ipod. It opens in the back. Mine was supposed to have arms but I was too tired to make them. And working with zippers aggravates me like nothing else. So I called it night/morning after sewing up my armless stupid creature/monster. So instead of stupid creatures, I’m calling ours Ugly (Ipod)Monsters. Clever I know. They aren’t the most impressive of things, but I’m proud of them. Because we ran into so many problems but solved them the best we could. Yay TEAM WORK! I’m lame I know. >_<

So how ’bout it Mija, did you think of a design for your monster? You know your ipod will be jealous that its not in the stomach of an ugly monster. And I already have two fabrics to use for yours and everything. Now nothing too complicated you hear me? Oh and I don’t have anymore zippers, so I’m going to have to either find a store that sells zippers or find a different way to open and close yours. Damn Walmart for getting rid of its fabric section! <3<3<3

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