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Catching Up

You know that friend you had when you were a kid? In most cases its always a neighbor and a member of the opposite sex. Well for me it was anyway.

His name is Dustin. We used to play the oddest games as kids. I was weird. But according to my friend Hyun I still am. >_< Anyway, I have been talking to Dustin a lot recently, you know catching up and whatnot. The other day we met up for awhile just talking about our past and present. About why we sort of stopped talking to each other? REASON ONE: I moved to another neighborhood which defeated the carpooling purpose. lol REASON TWO: Junior high makes it complicated for boys and girls to be friends. Plus we no longer had recess so we couldn’t play Sailor Moon or Mortal Combat anymore. >_< Thats why the time before you are a teenager is much more easier. Because when you are kids it doesn’t matter if you are boy or a girl, you are just friends because its fun and you don’t know any better. jk. Now we are mature enough where it doesn’t matter again. And now that we are becoming adults we can say stuff like, “Lets do lunch.” Or , “yeah we should get together soon.” And actually mean it. Of course I’m a hermit (no license) so I don’t do anything really. But Dustin was kind enough to pick me up and we went to his house. It was so weird being back in my old neighborhood. I haven’t been there in so long. It was nice to hang out with him, since starting college I haven’t really made a lot of new friends. I mean of course I have Missy and Cate and Hyun. But when it comes to making new friends, thats just a skill I have yet to pick up. So if I can’t make new friends why not reunite with old friends? I was stupid and forgot to take pictures. T-T I’m getting old you know. But we will make plans again. ^ ^ Tuesday is Mija’s 24th birthday! (And I’m getting old?) jk So we are celebrating today because she will won’t be here. She stayed at work late the other day so currently she is past out on my bed. I decided to make her an Ipod monster for her birthday. So I had her design one. Then Kat and I stayed up til 5 in the morning making it for her. This one was tricky, but at the same time it has less flaws than the first two I made. Because I learned from my mistakes. >_< I made a few changes to it so it doesn’t look exactly like her drawing. But close enough to make her happy. This one opens at the head (to hold the ipod) , instead of as a pocket on the tummy. And it wasn’t big enough to add arms so I just left them off. And Kat made Mija a cake which we have yet to cut or sing Happy Birthday because the Oban-chan is sleeping. jk

I’m on a roll with making things (with my sewing machine), that look half decent. Again my sewing skills are as worse as my friend making skills. >_<


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