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The Old and Forgotten

I was talking to my friend Dustin, the other day. We were making plans to hang out again on Friday. And we got on the subject of memories again. And It made me think. As we get older we forget the little details of things. But I think sometimes the memories we forget are brought back by a picture or video or a scent all by accident. Something that jogs our memory to that time and place. But why?

That got me thinking about the memories we do remember. Why do we remember them? Like my senior English teacher said, “Repetition and trauma.” Is how you remember something. But I think if its good or if its something that made you happy, you would remember it as well. But lets face it trauma/embarrassing moments trumps happiness. And you are not quick to forget the horrible things in life. Sigh. Anyway talking with Dustin made me think of how I was as a kid. I mean I know I am different from then. I know a ton of things now that I didn’t even knew existed as a child. (simpler times) But as we get older how does the brain file away memories? I mean do we remember everything and our brains just decide which details to share with us and which ones we forget? I stop to think and I only remember a bit of my time with Dustin. Like I remember a few things but not a lot. And he was one of my best friends in Elementary. Of course when I moved away we grew apart. But still that was a big chunk of my childhood. Of course I still don’t remember the first time I was introduced to him. That’s sad. But hey we were five, and you can’t blame me for not remembering something that happened what 14 years ago?

But then I have memories of days in Preschool (before then)where sometimes nothing exciting or happy happened to me. It was just an ordinary day like any other. Why do I remember days like that? One for example is when we traced our profile using our shadow. I mean I remember sitting in the chair by the door in the dark while the teacher shined the light to cast a shadow of my profile which was traced by another teacher. Why do I remember that? Then of course I remember when BJ (boy I liked) would give me rings from those gum ball machines and I would then lose them in the playground. But he would keep giving me them always saying,” Don’t take it to the playground and lose it.” Which I would always say,”I won’t lose it. I promise.” And of course it would result in me losing it. -_- Yup I never did learn my lesson. But I mean why would I remember these things? Another preschool memory is of the hallway outside my classroom and we are sitting on benches to go to the bathroom. And I just remember sitting on those benches. Nothing big happened or traumatic, so why that memory? What separates it from things I don’t remember? Why are these memories special compared to others?

Anyway Missy’s Bridal Shower is next week. I already have Five games I believe? One involves love songs. Which I asked people on my facebook and twitter to give me suggestions, but do they? No. Whats the point in having a facebook if the friends on it won’t even give feedback? Stupid facebook. Its fine I don’t really talk to everyone on it so I guess it doesn’t matter. -_- My An Cafe cd is still stuck. T-T Mom will take it to the dealership on Friday and hopefully they can get it out. Here’s hoping.

I think of the oddest things.

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