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So today was the Houston Indie Book Fest and I couldn’t be more excited. This is my favorite event that happens every April here in Houston, it is the reason I discovered my love for the literary world. Well…for the publishing world.


I had a blast! I worked the CLMP table from 1 to 5, it was so much fun but I came home exhausted. I immediately passed out and didn’t wake up until 10:30. After being surrounded by so much fiction and writers I actually find myself being inspired. So I’ll start writing my story for workshop on Thursday. I just wish the weekend was longer. >.<

I only bought two things, I’ve been planning on buying hard copies of this journal for THE longest time and I finally did today. The First Line has to be one of my favorite literary journals. I keep wanting to submit a story to them but I always miss out on the lines that I want. The line for may is...”I started collecting secrets when I was just six years old.” And submissions are due May 1st. I didn’t even get to really look around the Festival too much because I was already so tired. But I got what I wanted to buy and I had fun manning the table. I’m definitely going to start my story after I post this blog entry. My sister went around and filmed the festival so I plan on making a small video so you can see how awesome it was. Also, I had a surprised visit from my dancing partner, Julian, mentioned in this entry. It was nice catching up with him and he even stayed awhile to help me sell books. You’ll see in the video I post below. It was nice seeing him, it’s been awhile. Anyway, so I’ve just been craving some time to just create something. Be it writing, knitting, sewing, or even filming a vlog about something. There are several vlogs I want to make. Like about products I use, or an outfit of the day, especially this Houston series I desperately want to start. Which would  basically be a vlog where I introduce my favorite shops and restaurants that make me love living in Houston.

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