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Ticking Bomb

What if you had a device that told you the exact day and time you would meet the one…YOUR ONE?

I watched this movie, where a device like this existed. Its called TiMER and in this movie people can get timers attached to their arm to pin point the exact moment their true love enters their life. The moment you lock eyes on this person the timers go off at the same time. It is completely your choice whether or not you get a timer. But you only get once chance, if you remove the timer you cannot get it again.

I enjoyed this movie because I really like the idea of being able to know when you will meet the one you will grow old with. I mean isn’t that what everyone wants? To meet their true love? But then it got me thinking, in the movie people didn’t fall in love the “old fashion” way anymore. Couples were brought together by a device. The new wave of match making sites. The protagonist became obsessed with finding her match that it wasn’t even about love anymore. And then I changed my mind and saw it a horrible idea. I mean again it would be a choice. But what if I did choose to get one? I think I would rather fall in love when I least expect it. Just let it surprise me, even though I don’t really like surprises. Well I don’t like certain surprises. But the whole cliche lovey-dovey romance bit, I think that’s a surprise I want to experience. Just let it happen one day. Of course, besides wanting to know who that person is already; I think people hope their surprise is  one you would find in a movie. Yup a magic movie moment, something that could only happen in a cheesy romance flick. Those happen in reality too. To lucky people anyway. -.- This movie also made me think about the creative writing class I took in high school. I could have sworn that one of my peers wrote a short story like this about timers and true loves. Maybe its just me getting confused with something else.

So another movie I want to bring up is Going the Distance. So freaking cute  I loved it. Justin Long and Drew Barrymore have such great chemistry. It was so hilarious, I was constantly laughing. I recommend watching this movie if you love cutesy, pervy movies.

Song is called Fancy Footwork by Chromeo. I heard it on an episode of My life as Liz. I loved that show. Liz is so adorable.


So yeah one more thing, I’m still adjusting to being in a new city/home/school. Oh and I’m able to chew a bit better. It doesn’t hurt like it did the first two weeks. I still can’t bite into a sandwich. -.- I have to tear my food apart which isn’t so bad. I get the bottom braces in October. Yay sooooo looking forward to hurting again. -.- Oh and one more thing I turn 21 this Saturday. Weird. O.o  Of course I have class from 1 to 3. But I might just leave before the second half of class. I mean its my birthday after all. And I shouldn’t spend it in a boring classroom. I’m heading home after class to spend my birthday with my family. YAY!

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