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If you love to write then you should  totally sign up for this conference. There will be craft talks and workshops where you have a piece of your writing critique by fellow writers. Choose from poetry, fiction or non-fiction writing.

I plan on signing up as well, I’m so excited. It will be held on the UH campus and anyone 18 and older can join…unless you are currently in a grad program. :/ All the information can be found HERE. If you register before Sunday it only costs $75 after that it will be 100. That will only cover food and registration not room and board. They will have rooms available so if you are interested in staying on campus for the week that option is available.Now this is pretty cheap compared to some writing conferences so I can’t stress how amazing this opportunity is…especially if you live in Texas. If you do consider coming then leave me a comment so we can get acquainted I would love to meet you and read your writing.

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