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First Kisses

So Kat shared this video with me, it’s a look into how humans react to a first kiss with a stranger. I mean, granted these people are strangers and they don’t have any feelings for each other, but it was still interesting to see how they reacted to kissing. I mean a kiss is one of the most amazing/intimate things two people can share.


And they could very well just be actors, but it still made me think of how I reacted to my first kiss….to all my first kisses. I mean, it’s strange to think back on it. When I was junior high, I would watch every romantic comedy and get that warm fuzzy feeling whenever I saw the characters kiss for the first time. I mean, that’s what the movie is leading up to, I mean besides the conflict and resolution. I was obsessed with the first kiss scenes in movies. I would imagine what my first kiss would be like. (FYI-I wouldn’t find out until I turned 18, which is pretty embarrassing to admit. >.<)  Anyway, my point is that I found first kisses/ kissing in general to be magical. Since that first kiss, I’ve had a total of 6 first kisses. But only 3 were with guys that became boyfriends, but that’s a story for another entry. I mean, I know that movies have this unrealistic vision when it comes to romance, but sometimes reality can let in moments that are so perfect that you feel as though you’re watching them on a screen.

 In a relationship a first kiss can be nerve wracking, you’re embarrassed yet eager to kiss this person you’re beginning to like. Kissing them for the first time is scary, you don’t know where hands should go or the rhythm of that person yet. You want them to want to kiss you again, but you don’t feel the need to show off in a first kiss. These strangers were only going to make out once…I mean for this video anyway. So of course they wanted the other person to walk away thinking, damn that person can really kiss. In the film above, I feel as though the goal was to impress not only the person they were kissing but also whoever ended up watching the video.

That’s all I wanted to share in this entry. Oh, and I’m sure if you’ve seen this video then you’ve probably seen a parody or two that follows it. Some made me laugh, some were a little too much. But what’s your opinion of the video, or first kisses in general? Until next time…

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