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Fringe Woes

haircut Like all hair cuts, I doubted whether or not bangs would look good on me. Questioned it over and over again and then finally I took a chance and went with it. Now here we are five years later and I still have the trendy fringe. However, when you take on this particular hair style then it’s something you have to keep up with. Because hair grows. And seeing as how it can block your vision it cannot be ignored. So occasionally, I daresay…I trim it myself. >.< I know, if there were ever a life tip that you should follow it’s NEVER TRIM YOUR OWN BANGS. Unless you are a professional hairstylist or have some type of knowledge of hair cutting and how to do it correctly. Because let’s face it…I do not possess that skill. Not that all hairstylist possess it either. :/ (This comes to mind)

On to more woes…

I had trouble sleeping the other night, causing me to not get enough sleep. I woke up late for work and very sore, everything hurt this morning. I also had to race to try and catch my bus. But on my way to the bus stop I felt my ankle roll, there was no stopping me from falling. All I could do was fall and hope that it didn’t hurt that much. I scrapped my elbow and knees but more importantly I missed my bus because of that fall. -.- I laid on my back for a second and thought, “The minute I get up I will see bus 10 pass before me.” And sure enough, I got myself up and there went my bus. I of course let out some colorful words and just huffed a bit trying to walk off the additional pain I now felt. I walked in the opposite direction to try and catch a different bus, but as soon as I made it to the corner of the street there went bus 14. Some more color. I proceeded to that stop seeing as how I was already there. I ended up being 45 mins late for work. :/ I had three parties that day so being in a bad mood when having to deal with children is not good. So I made sure to lighten up my mood once I got there, was not going to let my bad morning ruin someone’s birthday party. Each party went great, the kids were adorable and for the most part well behaved so no complaints on that end. But I am exhausted, everything still hurts and I’m also sick of the horrible weather we have been having. It’s too hot! I miss sweater weather so much. I almost melted on my way to work. So gross.

I’m exhausted so I think I should end this entry here. I have a meeting at the museum at 3 today, so I don’t have to wake up too early which is always nice. I’m going to keep on doodling. But I’ve also wanted to try the disposable camera challenge. Have you heard of that going around on the blogosphere? I’m kind of interested in trying that out. Until nest time….

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  1. Kristen Said:

    on June 1, 2014 at 10:22 am

    Oh no what a terrible day! I’m so sorry! Hopefully today will be a better one! I wish you good luck and hope your scrapes and bruises heal fast!

    On another note, I have the SAME issue with hair stylists! I like to have bangs (the half-hearted, swisp to the side, slightly longer than my eyebrows kind), but there are very few people in the world I trust to get that right. Myself not included. But that doesn’t stop me from trying it myself. I figure if I mess them up myself I only have myself to blame, rather than being mad at someone else.

  2. Kimmy Said:

    on June 2, 2014 at 12:55 am

    @Kristen, It is about trust! Yeah, and I’ve done this before where I ruin them and end up cutting them too short. >o< I keep telling myself, "Oh, just a little bit more." And then it ends up being too much. -.- So I think once they grow out again I'm gonna go to this interesting hair salon, they do free bang trims so I'm going to try them out. Hopefully they will fix years of incorrect bang trimming.

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