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Halloween Creep Show

So Halloween weekend was so much fun. Everyone dressed up in costumes and we just played games and danced and took pictures. It was great.

We were on a budget this year so I decided to make costumes this year. They had to be simple, so my sisters and I decided on non princess fairy tale characters. Mija and Jody were Alice and the Mad Hatter, I was Little Red, and Kat was Bo Peep. In order for it to be simple I was only going to make accessories (ie aprons, and bows).
I ended up making more than I thought and I’m so happy I did because they came out so great!!!  I love learning new techniques and my skills are definitely improving. I practically made my entire costume excluding the shirt. I did very little for Kat’s and Jody’s, but what I did make was still nice. It’s hard to choose which item I loved making the most, but if I had to pick I would say all the bows I made. I had to make Mija a giant bow for the back of her apron. And I was able to make it stay up with Velcro. I felt very clever. I update more about the costumes on MS. I even made a headband and apron for Emily. She went as Goldilocks. Thankfully she had brought some extra craft stuff to make herself an apron. But all I needed was something to tie the apron in the back and she bought some trim that was perfect for the job. I was really proud of my work and I wish I took more pictures. Of us in the costumes. But I’m excited to out do myself next year. Of course I feel like having costume parties shouldn’t just be for Halloween. I really enjoyed making them and think we should have a costume party every now and then. XD The next one should be Assassins Creed themed, or better yet video game themed. Yeah I would totally have fun making costumes.

It was such a great night. Great food, great costumes and great company.


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