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My 2011

So I thought I’d end this year by doing a recap of everything that happened in 2011. I got the idea from my sister’s blog over here.

But once I tried updating about last year, I had trouble remembering what all happened in the beginning. So I’ll just give you small insights to the important things that impacted my 2011.

My best friend had her son Jaxson. He is so freaking adorable. And now he is already a year old how crazy is that? I hope I get to see them both at the end of the month for his birthday party. She lives in Oklahoma now, so I don’t get to see her often. And I still haven’t had a chance to mail off her Christmas gift. >.< I’m so bad.

My little sister graduated high school last may and started her first semester at BC last August. I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up as well. Kat and I have always been together so living in Houston without her in the next room has been difficult. Luckily I have awesome roomies to keep me company.

Speaking of the weirdos they got engaged last year as well. They booked the reception place and bought our bride’s maid dresses. Its really exciting to be included in this wedding. Mija has changed so much since meeting Jody. I’m glad she found someone that can make her happy. Also they both left their past jobs to start a freelance company together called Domo-Box but now they are both starting new jobs. I’m so proud of them.

Let’s see we had some awesome parties in 2011. My favorite had to be our Halloween bash. I made costumes and they came out so freaking awesome. I think costume parties are the BEST, especially since my sewing skills have improved a great deal. So has my knitting skills, I’m pretty proud of all the new things I’ve learned how to make. I’m also pretty proud of myself in the social department. I even actually had my first college dating experience, it was new and exciting. I learned a lot, like for instance why beat around the bush just dive in. If you’re interested in someone get to know them and then tell them. It didn’t quite work out for me but I don’t regret any of it. I met a pretty cool guy who is now a pretty cool friend. And I’m glad I put myself out there because I’m already 22 I don’t have time to be shy. I just need to be confident and hey if the guy doesn’t feel the same way oh well then better luck next time. Christmas was another success as usual. I got so many great things, stuff I wasn’t even expecting.

2011 was pretty fun, I can’t really complain about it. I still haven’t gotten a job, but I’m going to stalk Jo-ann’s fabric until they hire me. Totally not kidding. Here’s to 2012, I hope I do well in school and continue to grow socially and be less awkward in social situations.


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