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~Travel: Florida Trip~

For Thanksgiving Matt and I made a trip to Florida to visit his parents. Plus, it was my very first plane ride. That’s right, first! I was sick the previous week so I had some antibiotics that I had to take and I think it made me extra sensitive to movement and light.

I got terrible motion sickness so the plane ride to Florida was a little blah. It was only 2 hours so thankfully it didn’t get worse. We arrived in Tampa really late and still had to make a 3 hour drive to his parent’s house. Since I didn’t think about timing, I didn’t get a chance to visit The Paper Seahorse. I was a bummed but this definitely won’t be my last trip to  Florida. Once we finally made it to his parent’s place, we chatted for a bit and then went to bed as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

Matt is an early bird, so he was up and ready to go at like 7 a.m., I on the other hand required more sleep. We woke up to a great breakfast, waffles galore. After that we got ready and went to Sun Harvest, a citrus haven. Strawberry orange juice is to die for! I also had a yummy orange creamsicicle soft serve. This entire trip was filled with yummy treats. After that we went to an outside mall where we walked around a bit and got some pizza and then went to watch Murder on the Orient Express. After which, we went back to his parent’s house and I needed to lay down. The rest of the week would begin with a headache and then require me to return back to the house and sleep it off. It was annoying and I felt incredibly rude. Thankfully, on Thanksgiving it was cloudy and raining so my headache wasn’t bad. I then got to meet Matt’s grandmother.  She was so classy and funny. She got into the car and told Matt, “So I hear you’re engaged.” I couldn’t see my face but I’m sure I was bright red. He politely told her, not quite there yet. Love the dude. This was my first Thanksgiving away from my family so I was missing them. But Matt and his family made me feel so welcomed. And the dinner was delicious so it didn’t feel too foreign.

I did manage to go to another mall and find THE perfect Christmas gift for Mija so I’m excited to give it to her. But immediately after purchasing said perfect gift I started feeling icky and couldn’t even finish eating my lunch and we had to go back to the house.  Luckily, the evenings were much better. Even though I didn’t get to explore Florida as much as I wanted to, I did still have a lot fun with Matt and his family. We watched a lot of movies together and ate yummy foods, I couldn’t have asked for a better holiday.

Next time I hope I’m not sick and I also hope I can visit The Paper Seahorse on our next trip. I’ve never been there but I know I will love it. I can’t wait! Well, I hope you had a great holiday, or week. Christmas is coming up, and I can’t wait to give everyone the gifts I picked out for them. I love giving gifts!!! Until next time!

Thanks for reading!

~Traveling: Another Day of BBQ~

This weekend I went with Matt and his friends for another day trip to Lockhart, TX. We hit the exact same BBQ places we did last time, only a different order.

  1. Kreuz Market
  2. Black’s
  3. Smitty’s Market

We had ate the most at Kreuz, the photo above might looks like a mess,but that’s how they serve the BBQ. You request how much you want of each meat and they serve it on sheets of paper. Being the second time I’ve joined in, I now know the way to handle this  for the next time. Always eat at Smitty’s. It’s the best out of the three. We had brisket, turkey, and sausage at Kreuz then had sides at Black’s. Potato salad and banana pudding. When it finally came to Smitty’s, we only had a bite. Not a huge mistake because I was worried I would over do it but I under did it…next time always get Smitty’s.

I also forgot to take more photos of each place, and I did record a clip, but when I was checking my phone I noticed the clip wasn’t there. -.- Not sure, but I guess I either deleted it or forgot to record and only thought I did. I know I don’t have to document everything that happens in my life in order to recall it. These moments with Matt, are not easily forgotten. And I look back at my first post about Lockhart and how we had just started dating. It wasn’t so long ago, but yet it was? I’ll end this post by saying…

“-I’m looking forward to continue getting to know him and spending time with him as often as I can.”

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~Travel~ Sister’s Bday Weekend

Last weekend my sisters, mom, and I went on a trip to Austin for my younger sister’s 24th birthday. She works at a hotel and she get’s mega discounts so she got us a room in a beautiful hotel in downtown Austin.

Two queen sized beds with the most comfortable bedding ever! This 4 day weekend was the perfect time for our little trip. I got off early on Friday and then Kat and I headed to Mija’s place to pack up in her car. (GPS and whatnot) We got to Austin late, so we had a burger at IN-an-Out and then headed to the hotel room.

We woke up early  and started off our day by, of course, going to Modcloth! And this time I tried on more clothes and….even bought something! I bought my first Modcloth dress and I’m hooked. I sort of wish I bought dress #2 that I also liked, but Modcloth is pricey. Even with the discounts, due to Memorial Day weekend, 15% off everything…20% off of things over $100, plush FREE shipping due to ordering in the store.

I loved wearing these dresses, but it was hard to choose between the two of them. They were the same priced and they both had pockets. POCKETS! We all know that makes a dress better. The yellow one was a bit tight fitting, had I eaten a meal, it would have been too tight for comfort. But the larger size was too big on the top. I’m in between sizes…so if they could have something in between a medium and a large…that would be great. Oh well, it also depends on the dress. Because the one I did buy was a medium and it was a perfect fit. Not too tight, not too loose. They made me feel pretty. Another reason I didn’t buy the elephant dress, was even though the print was pretty, I don’t think it was very “me”. I’d probably pair it with a different color cardigan. I may purchase it in the future… hopefully when it’s on sale. Or perhaps they will have the same style of dress in a different print that is more me.

We stayed in downtown for the entire weekend, walking everywhere! We even made the walk to Book People, a cool book store located not too far away, but in the Texas heat it was a bit taxing. Plus, we had to make the walk back to our hotel so we were pretty tired after that. We made our way back to the hotel to cool down and just relax a bit.

It was a lot of fun spending time with my sisters and mother, our schedules are so different that we don’t always get to see each other. I hope Kat had a great bday weekend, I was happy we got to spend that weekend with her.  That’s all for now…until next time. 🙂

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~Travel~A Trip with You ?

As a Christmas gift, Matt gave me a weekend trip to Austin. I was so excited for this trip, 1. Because I was going with Matt <3 and 2. I haven’t had the opportunity to travel much so packing for a trip and going on said trip had me all excited.


I might have taken things a bit far when it came to packing for this trip, but in my mind, I didn’t want to forget something that I might need. I had plan on filming things so I could create a travel vlog, however, my camera remained in it’s case the entire trip. -.- I was sick for the majority of the trip, Matt had caught a cold the week before last so I knew I’d also catch whatever it was he had. Saturday was the worse, and I know what you’re thinking…“Kim! Why didn’t you just reschedule?!” I didn’t want to! I was looking forward to it, and I had already cleared it with work. Had I been seriously ill, then yes I would have rescheduled. But I was fine! I was feeling much better by Sunday, but I didn’t let the blah cold prevent me from having fun during the weekend. Matt was so attentive and just all around amazing. He even let me go to Modcloth to try on clothes, it was a fit store so you try on the clothes and then they order and ship it to your house. I wish it were an actual department store but it was still lovely to visit. I may not have any video to show but here is a collection of photos, which is just as good.


I wish I had taken more photos while on this trip but sometimes I just wanted to enjoy the moment.  It was a wonderful trip and we’re already wanting to figure out where we will go for our next trip. I’m also hoping not to be sick whenever we do go on another trip. To Matt: This trip was wonderful, I enjoyed every moment of it and can’t wait to travel with you to other places. ?

The travel spark has been ignited and I’m looking forward to taking more trips this year. Perhaps even board an airplane? 🙂 Do you over pack for trips or have you figured out a happy medium? And do you have any fun trips planned this year?

Thanks for reading!


This past weekend my family and I went to New Orleans. I meant to post an entry about me leaving but I just never got around to publishing it. And now I’m back so that entry is not necessary.

The blog post I meant to post mentioned how I had planned to take loads of pictures and video. I didn’t exactly do any of that. We got in Friday night so there wasn’t really any photo ops. Then Saturday it was rainy and I didn’t feel like taking pictures. -.- The rain made me sleepy. We spent the day at The National WWII Museum. It was amazing, we watched this video narrated by Tom Hanks. It was a really great experience, if you are ever in New Orleans then I suggest you partake in that experience. Lucky for instagram otherwise I wouldn’t have any pictures at all. I only updated a few times over the weekend. I feel really bummed that I didn’t even take any instax pictures. I dunno why I didn’t take any pictures. Hopefully the next time we travel I pull out the camera and actually document my trip. Mija and Kat took a few instagrams as well but not as much as we should have.

  1. One of the many road signs we saw.
  2. The bed Kat and I slept in at the Holiday Inn. Such great pillows. >.<
  3. Air craft from the museum. Totally forgot what it’s called. -.-
  4. Where we stopped to get gas on our way home. We still had ways to go.

Here is my instagram from the weekend. I had a lot of fun spending time with Jody‘s family but I’m happy to be home. Texas get’s a lot of crap but I actually love living in Texas, doesn’t mean I dislike visiting other states. It’s a lot of fun. I bought a New Orleans post card to put in my smash book along with the pictures above and a few other items from the war museum. So I’m excited to get that smash page started.

Song of the day: Celebrate by Mika. I love Mika he’s too cute. This song makes me want to get up and dance. I’m in a great mood and couldn’t be happier. So have you ever gone on a trip and forgot to take any pictures?

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and has an awesome week. Thanks for reading. 😀

Back in Texas

So I had a great Spring Break, I just wish it was longer.

So I went to New Orleans, it was my first time out of Texas and it was so much fun. I got to meet the rest of Jody’s family and visit a different state. I got to ride a ferry walk around the French Quarter. Not to mention eat some delicious food. Went to a craw fish boil at Jody’s brothers house. And then had beignets at Cafe De Monde, I have a lot of video footage to sort through so I’ll end up putting it in a vlog sooner or later. We stayed at with Jody’s dad. His house was so pretty. They had the most comfortable carpet I have ever felt in my life. I always feel strange when I stay at someone elses house. Technically I have two homes since moving in with Mija and Jody. Both feel like home for me, just in different ways. The New Orleans air didn’t like my hair. And I thought Texas hated it the most, but nope. The first day it was ok because it was nice and cool but extremely windy. I was all about comfort on this trip.  Oh yeah walked down Bourbon street, yup saw a bunch of nudie pics. But before that we saw one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen- St. Louie Cathedral. Is that an oxymoron? Or is it irony? XD Well it doesn’t matter, it was so beautiful. The whole trip was just fantastic. It was a nice getaway. Minus the fact I brought home a cold as a souvenir. But now I know why people travel. A change of scenery, that’s probably why people run away from their problems. I didn’t think about any home work assignments that entire weekend. It was nice to come back home and then have an entire week to just catch up on dreaming….even though I should have done  homework. :/ I just didn’t want to do anything, but I did go to the rodeo. But I’ll talk about that in a later post. I actually have a lot to talk about, but have to finish this post first. >.<

I’m so unorganized, I let too much time pass and then other things happen that I want to share but I can’t put them all in one post.  That would be even more messy. How do you keep your blog post organized? Or do you just type whatever whenever?

Funny Story

So this weekend the weirdos and I are heading to New Orleans.

Jody has invited us to go and visit his family. I’m excited, I’ve never been outside of Texas before. I haven’t even traveled explored the rest of Texas. I’ve been to Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Mission, McAllen, and a few other small towns. But I haven’t been anywhere really, my family and I never really went on vacations.  I’m finally packed, I think I have everything I need. I’m not bringing my lappy because where we’re staying won’t have wifi, plus my laptop should be traveling.   But before I go, I wanted to share a funny story with you. I don’t want to gross anyone out so if talking about feminine products disgusts you then stop reading now. Ok so I carry extra pads with me for those just in case moments. Because we all know that mother nature loves to screw with us. Well anyway, I had put on in the zipper compartment of my bag. Its one of those Always thin pads, anyway so I kept it unzipped because I had kept my cell in that compartment. Well I head in to the bathroom and start checking my bag and its vanished. I must have dropped it somewhere on campus, of course you would think that I would have noticed but obviously not. This moment made me think of another time this has happened to me. I can laugh about it now, but the 11 yr old me would cringe to think I’m sharing this story with other people. So when I was 11, according to biology or science, I had become a woman. I, the same as now, carried extra pads with me. Only I carried like five extra pads with me. A bit much but hey I didn’t know how many to carry with me.  Well I must have forgotten to zip the front pocket of my backpack because all of these pads had fallen out all over the assembly area.  Luckily there were only a few people, all of them girls and all of them “friends”, and they started making fun of me. Now these pads weren’t diapers. They were tiny pads, I was 11 for goodness sake. I can laugh at it now, but at the time I was really embarrassed. So I just ran off. The next morning I get to school and notice the pads I had left were being kicked around by some boys. Most of my peers avoided them but one boy had picked one up to throw away ,holding it between his index and thumb as if it were used. I was mortified because it was all anyone had talked about all day. About the pads that littered the assembly area. Now that I’m an adult I can laugh but I can imagine the current 22 yr me dropping a pad in front of someone but they were probably too embarrassed to say, “Hey you dropped your pad.” XD

Just one of those moments that might have been a bit embarrassing but since I was so unobservant it didn’t phase me. 😀

So have you been to New Orleans? If so what are some places I should check out?