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Down the Rabbit Hole

So I’ve been inspired to make my Halloween costume this year. But I only have a week in order to get it done, and I’m starting to think it can’t be done. >.< But I’m excited and want to attempt it.

So I’m going to the Renaissance festival this year, and the theme for that weekend is Hallows Eve. So  I’ve decided on drawing inspiration from video games and the game I’ve chosen is Alice: Madness Returns.  I mean look how adorable it is? She has several different outfits, and each offers some special ability in game. But this one in particular stuck out to me, now the original blue one might be easier to recreate with my sewing skills, but like I said this one stuck out to me. I figured I could recreate it…I mean I’m hoping I can recreate it. The only issue I’m worried about is the jacket, I’m hoping I can find a blazer at a thrift store and just adjust it to fit me. I can make the skirt, but I don’t want to underestimate it either. Here’s hoping I can find things all under a reasonable price. The top hat might be the most pricey, unless I try to make my own. But I don’t want to overwhelm myself with things I have to make. I just have to keep in mind that not everything has to be exact, as long as it’s recognizable then we are good. But then again, not every person has played the game, so they might not recognize for that reason. As long as I’m happy with it that’s all that matters. I’m pretty excited about it and have been planning it out the last couple of days. It’s last minute, but I think I can pull something together. XD

So what are your plans for Halloween? Do you still dress up, or is that something you’ve lost interest in? If not, let me know what you’re going as. I’d love to know/see pictures. 🙂

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  1. Alice Said:

    on October 18, 2013 at 4:59 am

    I envy countries who celebrate halloween. i wanna dress up and do tricks or treats too but sadly, i don’t live in a western country for that 🙁
    i haven’t played the alice madness returns but already i like that game since it’s all gore and bloody and just twisted wonderland. i like your idea of sewing this costume of alice, though, i think it’s unique and it’s definitely a good way to run away from the usual alice blue costume. 🙂

  2. kim Said:

    on November 2, 2013 at 5:13 pm

    @Alice, Aww, you could still have costumed themed parties, no? I love dressing up. It’s a lot of fun, I wouldn’t mind doing it more often. XD
    It’s a lot of fun and delightfully creepy, not to mention beautiful. I liked the blue dress, I just always thought this one was more interesting. And so adorable!!! >.< Thanks for reading and commenting.

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