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The Past Always Finds You

Part One: After throwing a lot of stuff from my closet away I found my old CD/tape player. I got it for Christmas years ago, but I remember how excited I was when I did. Every time I bought a CD I would hurry to play it. After I got my ipod mini and a dock for it, I sadly put this in my closet and never thought of it again. Until now. It was sort of breaking before I got the dock but it was faithful in its youth. I didn’t have the heart to throw it away then an I still don’t have the heart to throw it away now. Its funny how things are important. And I mean if you look at the price of cd players now compared to how much they used to be. Its weird. Is that going to happen to mp3 players? I mean Apple keeps bringing out new and better ones but will their price go down that low when their time is up? Thats something to think about.

Part Two: Kat and I are currently spending spring break at my sister’s apartment. And she took us to Borders! I know its dangerous to take me to a book store especially when I still haven’t cracked Dooms Day. -_- I hope I won’t be doomed on Monday. Anyway I didn’t want to buy a book book so instead I bought Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel The Last Temptation. Have I mention that I love him? Anyway, Mija is the one who took it off the shelf when I immediately recognized it. However, I didn’t realize that Alice Cooper contributed to the story. Its based on his record release, The Last Temptation. I should have known it just screams Cooper. Of course I’m not really savvy on his music. The art work is exquisite its done by Michael Zulli if I’m not mistaken. And it is amazing. The showman’s appearance is based on the best showman, Alice Cooper himself. It resembles him from head to toe. I also finally bought the movie Mirror Mask, story also by Neil Gaiman. I really do love him. Well besides buying books and dvds and hearing that someone tried and failed at stealing a magazine I also hurt a complete strangers feelings. But on my behalf I didn’t mean to and I completely understand his current state. And I didn’t mean what I said to sound the way it came out. I am not going to repeat it here because I am trying to make myself feel better. I know I am a horrible person. Now typing is getting hard because my sister’s cat Tomo is in my lap being extremely adorable and I can no longer ignore him. lol

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