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Days of Love


In my last post I was minutes from meeting the bf’s parents, and that went well. There were moments of awkward silences but I think it was a successful meeting all in all. His mother was beyond sweet, and his 6 year old sister was adorable.  She makes the same expressions as he does and it was just cute. His step dad was pretty quiet but he would chime in every once in a while.

I was also happy to witness the interaction between him and his mother. When he talks about his mom he often says how she has her life and he has his. But they joked around and she acted like a mother. Not that I didn’t think she would act like one, but he keeps his family life pretty much to himself and I try not to pry. All in all, I liked meeting his family and hopefully the next time I won’t be as nervous. And I hope the meeting with my family goes well too.

I hope you had a nice Valentine’s…even if you don’t celebrate it in the traditional sense. The bf and I just stayed in, I picked him and some Chick-Fil-A up after working an Egypt party at the museum. I even bought the roomie some pink tulips. Buying flowers was nice, I need to buy an actual vase and buy flowers every once in a while. I know they die, but they are also really pretty and I didn’t want to buy a pastry chef sweets, so I opted for some pretty flowers instead. She’s the best, so I wanted to show her some appreciation. :3


I also want to share what I got on a recent visit to Target. Oh Target, why must you be so alluring. I mentioned flowers earlier which is why I think I wanted these as badly as I did.  I noticed these beauties on sale and couldn’t help but get them. Wearing them out today gave me a little jaunt in my step, they also had some mint ones and some polka dot ones that were really adorable as well but the flower ones won out in the end. Gah! Target!

Aside from my Target adventures and a low key Valentine’s the date for the bf and my parents to meet has been decided. March 21st.  I’m excited yet nervous. I mean, I’m sure he’s nervous as well but he’s probably put it out of his mind for now. I hope it goes well, I want everyone to like everyone. Ok, I’ve rambled on enough and I have work in the morning so I should get some sleep. I’ve been exhausted and keep taking naps as soon as I get home from work or school and it has ruined my sleep schedule.  That’s all for now…

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Holiday Spirit

I spent time with my friend Katie on Tuesday, we talked, we cried, but mostly we laughed while remembering the amazing person that her husband was.

She confided in me the actual details of his last days. Those days belong to her and she felt comfortable enough to share them with me. I still cry a lot thinking about him and about the fact that he’s no longer here with us. And now I cry knowing more about his last moments on earth. They were horrible and painful, but I’ll keep those details to myself. I was just happy that she came to me during an incredibly difficult time and felt somewhat at ease with me. Even though  I know, no amount of crying or eating candy will make this easier for her, I just wanted to be there for her.

Ok, let’s move on to Holiday festivities, I need something less sad and more happy. I just wanted to touch base, because both he and Katie have been on mind a lot. I only got to hangout with them every now and I regret not spending more time with them. Which is why I hope to spend more time with Katie and friends in general. Life is short. As cliche as it sounds, it is. I’ve heard that saying pretty often but this is the first time it actually resonates with real meaning. I don’t want to regret things like this, things I control.

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The Birth of Nina!

Today is my older sister’s birthday, I obviously do not have a memory of meeting her what with being a baby and all but I do have plenty of memories of her after that.

We usually have talks discussing our childhood, moments of nostalgia that sometimes make us tear up, and it’s weird to imagine life back then and to see where we are now…it’s also amazing. She’s always been there to guide and help me.  She taught me how to play Barbies, which sounds bizarre but our games were planned out. Down to the many different outfits our dolls would wear. We matched. Sounds difficult but it was a lot of fun, and she’s the only one who could trick Kat and me into cleaning our rooms before playing “hotel”.  -.- What can I say, we really wanted to play with her. Growing up together taught us each how to share. Sometimes, if we were lucky mom would buy things in threes. But some toys, such as game consoles were how we learned how to take turns. SEGA Genesis, our first console where we trained our hands in ABBABBA codes and cheats. Finally getting to the last level in The Lion King game back when I was in middle school. It was magical. Summers staying up for the entire night after we got the ps2, simply because we didn’t have a memory card and Kingdom Hearts was exciting. We would pass the controller around during boss stages after one would fail, it continued going around until one of us was victorious. Magical I tell ya.

And now here we are, each with a 3DS and still playing games together. I’m still pretty obsessed with Animal Crossing and that’s all thanks to her. Thanks for that. She can be extremely inappropriate at times, and immature but I don’t think she’d be Nina if she wasn’t. XD I love that now we are older we can still joke or be serious and just depend on each other no matter what. And to answer your question Nina, I have no idea what we were laughing about nor why we were in the living room with blankets on the floor. I think it was during Christmas or something? I dunno, I’ve slept since then.

Anyway, the point is I couldn’t imagine my life without my sisters in it so here’s to you Nina, Happy Birthday! I hope you get to meet Alan Cumming while in New York or see David Bowie walk down the street or something like that. That happens in New York, you know?

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Kit-Kat: Chef Extraordinaire

Today is my little sister’s birthday! She’s 21, I cannot believe it. I still have memories of the night she was born. -.- I wasn’t her biggest fan then. I actually recall hating her, that is before I met her of course, because after that she became one of the most important people to me.

jobrokatchibiPerhaps hate is too strong of a word, but I was young and all I knew was that she was the reason my mom wasn’t reading me a bedtime story that night. It felt as though my mom was gone for weeks, I believe it was a day or two. I know…pretty melodramatic of me. The next day I remember riding the elevator and walking into a hospital room and there was my mom, laying in a bed. She looked tired, but it was like she was glowing. I know they say that when women are pregnant, but I just remember seeing her and being filled with this immense joy that all I could do was run and jump on the bed to hug her. There was this box thingy next to her, I remember my mom pointing to her but I can’t remember caring that much about it. I was near my mom so that’s all that mattered to me at the time. It wasn’t until this mommy-stealing baby came home and became Kathy, MY baby sister. I remember just always wanting to be near her, always wanting to help my mom take care of her. She was the cutest baby ever, fat cheeks and legs. Growing up with my sisters was/is amazing, and being in the middle, has taught me how to be a younger and older sister to two very talented women.  (The lovely picture was drawn by our brother-in-law, Jody Robertson)

We stayed up making macrons, (I’ll write a post on that later), I woke up to find that she had eaten most of them. But hey, she will just have to make some more. So here’s to you, my-not-so-little-anymore-baby-sister. You are definitely one of a kind and I’m happy to be your sister and roommate. Now, what are we eating for dinner? 😛


That’s all for this post, until next time…thanks for reading and commenting.

Tea for You

I had myself a wonderful Valentine weekend and I hope yours was just as wonderful.


I seem to be filling my planner with more things than just my weekly plans. This is how this past week turned out, with Friday being Valentine’s I had a busy weekend. First off, I worked on Friday so I had to rush home and shower so I could be ready for The Boyfriend. We just stayed in and watched movies and ate sweets. For Valentine’s I made him heart shaped teabags, because he’s a tea fanatic. I also gave him a bike necklace that I bought at Houston Mini Pop Shop. I’ll post about that sometime soon.  And once again, I’m respecting his wishes to not be uploaded to the internet. So his face remains covered. Saturday we met up and went out to eat, we went off in search of discount candy. He bought me some washi tape and scrapbook paper, he’s adorable. We also went bike riding on our quest for cheap candy. He bought me peanut m&m’s, which are my favorite. I made him watch the romantic comedy About Time, an adorable movie btw. I love that he humors me and watches all these girlie movies but I promised him the next time we will watch a thriller or an action movie. XD This is the first time I’ve ever been in a relationship on Valentine’s and it was nice but I’ve always thought the holiday was nice. I don’t think valentinejarthere should just be one day devoted to showing how much you love someone. Family, friends…ect. You should try to show that love every day in some way, it doesn’t have to be in some extravagant way but something as simple as a phone call or a letter can make someone feel good. But I really wanted to take part in the cheesy aspect of this holiday. So instead of giving sweets I went with the heart tea bags. I love crafting, so I picked out different types of teas and deconstructed them and created heart shape bags for the tea leaves. When I gave it to him, he was surprised and seemed to have really liked it. He wanted a cup of tea right then and there. He loves handmade gifts…at least that’s what he’s told me. >.< I also knitted him a heart, because frankly I adore knitting them and it was the perfect decoration for the jar. The necklace was made by an artist I met at Houston Mini Pop Shop. Again, I will mention more about that event in my next post. But just know he is amazing!

This was an amazing weekend, but now I return to work and homework and my feet are killing me. >.<  Today’s song is most fitting…A Day with You by Daniela Andrade [audio:]

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A Million Useful Things in One

The start of a new year has become strange now that I’m older, it seems to arrive and end a lot faster than I remember as a child. I didn’t keep track of it when I was little and I thought summer was a whole year all on its own.

I had moments back in my elementary days where I would imagine seeing an older version of myself. A version I didn’t know yet, a version I was excited to meet. I’d now like to know what elementary me would think if she were to meet the current me. I’m sure she would think, why am I not taller, and will I ever grow boobs?And I would reply with, we haven’t grown an inch since the 8th grade, so yeah. And still waiting to see about the boobs. XD Random thought I know. Anyway, New years was comfy and nice, spent the last moments of 2013 at the weirdo sibling’s new house. We watched movies and fireworks and then played a game. We couldn’t stay up too late because Kat had to work that morning and Nina had to take us back to our place. I’m now enjoying the last week before classes start on the 13th. That also means going back to work at McAlister’s. I hope this semester brings great things, first semester with no English classes, gonna have to get used to that. I only need two more English classes and the rest will be courses in Advertising. So even though I’m nervous about that, I’m also excited.

I wanted to share this anime that I recently watched on Netflix, it’s been awhile since I’ve enjoyed a nice anime. It’s only 11 episodes, not sure if it has other seasons or not, but because of the intro, I just had to watch it. It’s about a socially awkward girl who is in love with jellyfish. She lives with several other women who are even more awkward, they are an interesting bunch. She meets a very pretty girl who ends up being a dude. I just thought it was adorable. You can also read the manga here if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

I received tickets to an advanced screening of the film Her, so I’m going to see that tonight. I’ll let you know my thoughts on the film. It looks interesting.  Other recent movies I’ve seen are Saving Mr. Banks ,The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. Need to write posts on my thoughts of those films as well.  But for now, I sleep.

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Something Real

So Christmas is complete and I am now back at my apartment. But while I was off visiting my family and enjoying the holiday season, my fridge died-causing all the food inside to spoil and leave behind the most lovely smells. The kind that just say, welcome home Kim.

I pretty much stayed up late this past week at my parents. It was odd, but nice to sleep in my old room, nice because my bed is there and it is wonderful. Odd because I cleaned it out before returning to Houston after the summer. It’s bare. My room yet no longer my room. Anyway, I would lay in my room thinking about my new apartment. I left in a rushed and forgot some things, but I kept thinking maybe I forgot to lock the door and that my nosy neighbor’s nephew noticed it was unlock and decided to stay the entire week and jump on my couches!  Terrifying I know. I mean as far as scary things go, that’s pretty scary. Strangers touching my things! I mean, after what happened at my first apartment, can you blame me for being scared? My mind would keep going over these scenarios, and then I would try to think of scenarios that countered those and was trying to convince myself how there was no way I forgot to lock the door. I remember standing outside my door with two boxes and the keys in my hand. I remember turning said keys and putting them in my pocket after I had lock the door. It was done. I worried yet the comfort of my old room somehow soothed and chased away any bad thoughts. I was able to sleep soundly after that, but every night this week before falling asleep the worries would begin and then end.

 So now that I’m back in my apartment I’ve decided that those worries were trying to prepare me for the fact that my fridge would be the home of rotting meat and cheese. Oh the packages of string cheese!!!! I love string cheese and they are now gone! Weeks of groceries, destroyed by the fact of a no longer cool fridge. Sad. But on the bright side, I get a new fridge but it won’t arrive until Monday. It wasn’t the greatest thing to come home to, but at least the worries I conjured up were not true.

I did have a great Christmas though, wonderful as usual. I hope my parents enjoyed the gifts I bought them. They are difficult to shop for sometimes, but I feel as though I did pretty good this year. I’ll share the gifts in another entry. Until then….

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Tis the Season

So another semester has come to an end and more importantly, Christmas is next week! I cannot wait to give my family their presents.

treesI love that part, along with the smell of Christmas trees, choosing the presents and seeing the look on their faces after they rip the wrapping paper off. It’s exciting! Especially since I have my own money to work with this year. Of course, I didn’t spend any money on wrapping. I just used Kroger bags and some left over ribbon from my Alice costume. Kat and I go home to visit our parents next Monday, but sadly Kat has to work next Friday so we won’t be able to stay the whole week. But a few days is better than no days. I’m looking forward to mom’s cooking. She makes turkey for Christmas dinner, and we open gifts on the 24th and then we just watch movies after. When my sisters and I were younger we would wake up around 5 am or so and force our parents out of bed so we could open presents. And then we would stay up and play with our toys until we passed out.  Now we open gifts on Christmas eve and then stay up until we pass out, which doesn’t take very long.

Aside from upcoming gift giving, I recently moved in to my second apartment here in Houston. I’m hoping we are here for awhile. Moving was such a hassle but so far Kat and I are loving the new place. We are almost completely unpacked. But of course there are a few cons that I know I shouldn’t dwell on because the pros certainly outweigh them so I shouldn’t waste my time typing them out here. I’ve managed to organize my desk area and the living room. Finally got an actual bookcase to put books and things that need to be displayed. This place is is a bit bigger than the last one, so I am happy about that. I do miss the old location though, oh…that’s a con. I’ll stop right there.

[audio:]- Daniela Andrade’s cover of Santa Baby

So the other day, I went to Kat’s work Christmas party. The food was really yummy and she won a 24″ screen tv. So we are hoping we can take it back to Target and get store credit, Kat wants the same desk as me. She needs a place to keep her computer as well, keeping our fingers crossed and hopes that works.

More on the apartment next time, still need to charge my camera so I can film an apartment walk-through.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and happy holidays.

Late But Lucky Halloween

So my plans for Halloween changed, instead of going to the renaissance I went to this fun Nintendo event that a group called Lazy Bit Collective hosted at a bar.

It was a lot of fun, I only wish my Halloween costume was completed so I could have worn it. There was a girl there that wore the original Alice Madness dress and her boyfriend was the Cheshire cat. I wanted my date to dress up as the white rabbit, but he had other ideas.  XD  Anyway, so that was on the 26th, for actual Halloween we just watched movies and ate a bunch of junk food. Oh, and played a bit of SlenderMan, I’m terrible at it.

So now on to the costume! I didn’t finish a few of the accessories, but I worked really hard on the skirt and I’m beyond proud of it. Seeing as I didn’t get to wear it out this year, I plan on doing so next year. I plan on actually putting the ears on the hat and getting rabbit feet to put over my shoes.  Seeing other recreations of the outfit was helpful latebutluckyhalloweenwhen making mine. I plan on finding/making a yellow vest, and then again adding the ears to the hat. I ran out of time and wanted to actually find a stuffed animal that I could deconstruct and use it’s ears rather than make mine out of felt, and also add the feet to my bow in the back. I made my tail out of yarn and didn’t have time to make the rabbit feet that dangle down. Along with possibly making the necklace that Alice wears in the game. Besides those things, I’m pretty proud with out the outfit itself came out. The jacket was a bit snug, but I didn’t have a pattern and I’ve never made anything like this before so I’m still proud. All things considered it came out great with the limited time I had. This was also the first time I made a circle skirt and I plan on making more because this one came out just great.

I was bummed I couldn’t wear this out, but at work I did get to wear a costume. I wanted to wear this one, but it rained so bad that day and I work at a restaurant and I didn’t want to ruin the outfit I worked so hard to make. So I wore the Red Riding Hood costume I made three years ago.  I didn’t really work very hard on that one so I didn’t mind if it got ruined. Which the rain made my skirt bleed through the apron and it stained it pink a bit. One of my co workers dressed up as a wolf, so I thought it was pretty funny. My manager took a picture of us posing, so I’m hoping I can get a copy of it on Monday.

I had a lot of fun making this Alice costume, so I wouldn’t mind wearing it next year, but if I find something else I want to recreate, then I plan on starting a lot sooner. XD So, what did you do for Halloween? Or if you don’t celebrate, what are some of your favorite scary movies?

Thanks for reading and commenting.


It is almost 2013. By the time I push publish it will be 2013…2013 how weird.

2012 was a pretty good year, minus the part where my dad fell and injured himself.  I went to Boldface for the first time and loved it, minus the heart breaking part. But I don’t even regret that part, I learned a lot about myself and what I want out of life and I don’t regret learning that. My family and I also spent the year getting ready for my sister’s wedding and it was amazingly beautiful. (glad it’s over and done with :P) Totally worth all the stress though.

You know what, I don’t really have anything else to say besides HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year so far and gets safely home after they finish drinking and partying it up. I myself spent NYE with my wonderful family playing games and eating a bunch of sweets. :9 I might regret that last part later but for now I am happy. So here are some instagram pics and stuff!!!

Song of the night is The Leave Behind by this guy. I love this song. How did you spend New Years Eve? I hope you had/ are having fun.

Thanks for reading, and again Happy New Year!

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