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I lost my straighter the other morning…I know this might not seem like a big deal but to me it is a very big deal.

The only thing I obsessed about is my hair. I cannot leave the house without taming it. If I don’t? My hair is this out of control frizzy mess that could strangle someone. That someone being me. I’ve had many straighteners in my life and I’ve lost quite a few, (lost count) and they aren’t exactly cheap. -.- But I was in the middle of straightening my hair and couldn’t finish the job because I noticed its red light was off. My first instinct was to panic. O.O Followed by,”Oh shit oh shit!” I recall the last time this happened…and I vaguely remember my mom saying something along the lines,“You’re buying the next one when this happens again.” That was like 2 maybe 3 years ago. That is what sucks about these products. They work amazingly for a couple of years and then die. Why can’t they just last forever?!!! >o< Luckily, I have the most wonderful mom on the planet and she totally saved me by buying me a new one. Yes, I am a HUGE BRAT. I make no attempts to hiding that fact along with being pretty vain. But I can’t help it. Once I started straightening my hair, (8 yrs ago) there was no stopping. I refuse to let my hair run amok. It’s like Medusa, only I have no control over the snakes. And it shows no mercy, once you make eye contact…you’re doomed. :/

So now that I’m done freaking out, I can show you the cutest bag I saw at Target the other day. Its either a fox or a raccoon not sure. But how freaking cute is it? They also had an owl version, but the way it was designed made it look like an angry bird. But after doing some research, (aka typing words into Google) I found this. And also the original designer’s Etsy store. It sucks that, a designer’s original idea can be copied like that. It almost makes me somewhat glad that I didn’t buy the bag, even though it is extremely cute. >.< But this also makes me want to try and design my own fox/raccoon bag. I do like the use of pleather in the hand bag.  I’ve been wanting to try and make something with pleather myself. Maybe I should hunt some down and actually get started on that goal. But with school starting I haven’t had a lot of time to make anything. I still haven’t updated M-S for this month yet. I keep wanting to make this, this month but homework keeps getting in the way. :/ Speaking of homework, I should finish reading a chapter before I actually go to sleep. >.< I’m so bad, but hey I’m still trying to get back to having a schedule and deadlines again. Also I was browsing Youtube, and stumbled upon this Cults music video. Emma Roberts and Dave Franco sure have grown up.  Plus is it just me or has he lost that dopey awkwardness he has on Scrubs? Also he is starting to resemble his brother more. This music video is so pretty and bittersweet. Makes me want to actually take a chance on something instead of just day dreaming about it.

So have any beautiful music videos to share? Or any items you regret not purchasing?

Course Schedule Mishaps

Ok I don’t know what I was thinking when I was signing up for classes this semester, but I must have had a reason for doing this…I just can’t remember what it was.

So I actually signed up for classes pretty early this semester. I was proud of myself because I usually wait until the last minute. And this causes me so much stress yet I continue to wait every semester. But not this time, this time I managed to register for classes early. But I haven’t looked at my schedule since registering two months ago. And last week I received an email letting me know that my tuition wasn’t fully paid. So after taking care of that problem, I decided since classes are starting soon I should look where my classes are.

My schedule is as follows…

  • Mon-Wed. : Shakespeare class 1:00-2:30

Non-Fiction class 5:30-7:00

  • Tues-Thurs.: Math -.- 1:00-2:30

Fiction Forms (Tues. only) 2:30-5:30

O.o Wait what?…

And then I realized that I signed up for a math class that ends the same time a creative writing class starts!!! I must have noticed this when I scheduled for classes. Why did I do this? What was I thinking? I wouldn’t make this mistake. So before freaking out (even more) I looked up the classrooms for each class. I was hoping the classrooms wouldn’t be too far from each other. Only they aren’t exactly near each other either. The building outlined in green is  the Science and Engineer building. And that is where  I will be having math… in this room. The building circled in red is the English building and that is where the rest of my classes are located. Notice the distance? They are actually pretty far from each other. And I have no idea what I’m going to do about this. I think what must have gone through my head was, I’ve had this English teacher before; he won’t mind if I’m a tad bit late for class. And classes don’t always end exactly at the time it says it does. So I might have enough time to run across campus for my next class. Not to mention teachers aren’t always on time either so there is that to take into consideration. However, I’m still left with the feeling of wanting to kick myself. WHY DID I DO THIS?! >.< School is already complicated enough and  I just had to make it even more complicated.  But then I remembered, I signed up for this math class because this was the only time slot open for that class. So even though I am pretty worried about this. Its not the end of the world. I’m going to first see how it is and hope to god that its actually not that big a deal. I’ll simply let Aaron (Fiction forms teacher) know, and I’ll do my best to make it to class on time. And its not like I’ll be an hour late or anything. So as soon as I get back to Houston, I’m going to test out how long it takes me to get from point green to point circle. And I’ll just run to class if I have to. >.< And to end this blog entry….LOOK!!! Robot ring!!! How freaking cute is this?! Too cute. My mom bought these for me and my sisters. When it comes to accessories, I’m more of a bracelet/necklace kind of girl. But I’ve been wanting to try wearing more rings.  My sisters and I each wear glasses  and my mom thought they matched us.

 I’m gonna hit the hay and try not to worry about my schedule problems. If you’re returning to Uni, have you looked at your schedule recently? I’d check it if I were you. -.-

Shopping Woes

So my mom had Monday off, so we planned a day of shopping. I’m going back to Houston on Sunday so she wanted to get me and Kat a back to school outfit. I love mom. Only, shopping right after the Holidays is just pointless.

Pointless in a small town anyway. Yeah there are a bunch of sales that make you feel a little less guilty when it comes to buying clothes but what I’ve come to learn is that the only items left on the rack are left overs. The items that no one bought before Christmas, sizes S and XXL only. You’d be lucky if you managed to find a medium. I was on a mission to find some nice tights and a blouse/shirt or better a great dress that I could either dress up or down depending on the occasion. Also I wanted it to match my new boots. >.< I love them. But before we could start our mother daughter day (minus one), we had to see what the weather had in store for us. It was thundering and raining, so I feared mom would change her mind and try to reschedule our shopping day for some other time. But she said it should be fine and we ventured out in the rain anyways. Luckily, after we got to the mall it stopped. However, I think the rain was an omen, trying to tell us that we wouldn’t find anything in the stores today.

The first store on our list was JCPenny’s. And there was nothing that caught my eye. Minus this pretty necklace and bird ring. But they were each 9 bucks. -.- And I was holding out for an actual outfit. (I regret not getting them) Kat found a ring she liked so she got that, and I bought some nice brown tights to wear. Kat and I were hoping that rue 21 would have something we liked. They always have great selections….not this time. There was nothing there either. I was hoping to find at least a dress that I liked. I found one but it was too small. And then mom brought a skirt into the dressing room for me to try on. It was cute, but not cute enough for 21.99.  Besides I have enough bottoms, its tops that I need.  Side note-I was making an awkward face in the picture so I decided to cover it up with Keroppi’s face. I always forget to take pictures of the clothes I try on. I also tried on some great cord pants. They were comfy and a nice brown yellow plus only 15 bucks. But again I was determined to find a dress or a blouse. And we were going to hit up Kohl’s next and I was holding out. -.- Of course only for more disappointment. Word of the wise, don’t shop in a small town after the Holidays because there is nothing left. I was bummed, then mom suggested we go have lunch. We were going to go to The Local but as it turns out they close after four on Mondays. -.- Lame. So we went to Luby’s instead, but mom wasn’t very happy with the food there. Even though so many little things went wrong I was happy to spend the entire day with my mom. She is the best and I’m gonna miss not see her every day. T-T  So after that we went home and Kat and I passed out on the couch. Going through the motions of shopping is exhausting, and more so when you don’t even have anything to show for it. -.- But in a couple weeks there will be new items in stock and we’ll be ready.  Of course I’m not going to put so many limits on deciding what I buy next time. I should have just bought those great pants. They were nice….oh well there is always some other time.

Shopping after the holidays is difficult…have any shopping woes to share? I wanna hear about it.

Can’t Breathe

Sneezing.Stuffy nose. Sore throat.

These are my symptoms. No fever. But when I get too cold and decide to turn the fan off I get too hot. So if its the chills then I guess I have that as well. I constantly need a tissue in my hand, and let me tell you without being too graphic. Its not pretty. I stayed up late painting my next art project. I’m sort of happy with it, but I’m also sort of stuck. For this project we are supposed to paint a portrait of someone we either extremely love or hate beyond reason. I couldn’t choose between Neil Gaiman and Dave Mckean. So I’ve decided to paint both. I watched the movie Mirror Mask for inspiration. One of my favorite movies.

My cat was just attacked by two dogs. I’m like freaking out. What if he is bleeding to death? Dying alone? I can’t handle that. He was supposed to die of old age, he is my first cat. I can’t go out and look for him no matter how much I want to. He will come right? I know I shouldn’t hate the dogs that attacked him, my anger should be directed at the dumb ass pet owners that don’t know how to keep their stupid fucking demon monster dogs locked him. Sigh. Just please let my cat be ok. Kozi wasn’t attacked he bolted over the fence so fast I hope he is ok.

I’m no longer in the mood to blog.

Free at Last!

I’m finally done with finals. I finished Wednesday. A glorious day.

I was ready for this semester to be over with. I mean not as much as I wanted spring semester to be over with but a close second. I mean the only thing that sucks about this semester be over with is that I probably won’t see my crush. But thats ok because it has morphed into a school girl crush that will absolutely go nowhere. Of course I’m the lazy type that doesn’t mind that it will go nowhere. Sad really. But its cool because I made an awesome friend. He is a really interesting type of person. That I wish I could be more like. He has a nice personality. Wow that sounds cheesy. >_< But its true. In my opinion.

But besides that I’m extremely happy that this semester is over and done with. I can now relax until the next stressful semester. I just need to make sure that I have the correct math because low and behold I passed math this semester! Holy fuck I know. Its crazy. I thought I would be lucky if I made a low c. But nope I ended up with a “B”. So this semester I have an A, and two B’s. Now I’m just waiting for my government grade. I hope I passed that class. -_- Back off negativity. I need a negativity shield because I’m a downer. >_<

… continue reading this entry.

Pissed Beyond Reason

My cell finally kicked the can. Actually there was no kicking involved, just the loud yelling of profanity.

It happened so fast. My whole world flashed before my eyes as the screen went blank. Ok I’m being over dramatic here but I can’t believe my cell is dead. I feel so awkward without it. And to top it all off right before it broke I had just gotten a text message from my crush but I wasn’t able to reply to it. How unfair is that? I mean it just had to break at that particular moment. Is this karma? Am I being punished for wanted a new cell phone? T-T Which I can’t get until January. I can’t wait month to get a new cell. … continue reading this entry.

Lost Sympathy

At this exact moment I am watching the show Lie to Me and I can’t help but wish I was able to tell when others were lying by hand movements and facial expressions. That would be nice.

I am in a little predicament. I have a test later today in Web Design. I haven’t studied. At all. I also have a painting due tomorrow before my test. And now what am I doing at the moment? Well Lie to Me just finished, and I am updating my blog now stopping every now and then to straighten my hair. -_- I really do need to learn how to use my time wisely. Because if I don’t I will keep getting myself into these situations with my classes. Bleh I mean I already stay up half the night reading so its not like I would get more sleep if I did use my time wisely. >_< But I felt like I should take time to update my blog right now because I haven’t updated a lot this month and I felt like something was missing because of it. So here I am updating about procrastinating. Among the other things I keep putting off are sending my best friend her care package. Sorry about that Missy. I keep putting it off because truth be told I haven’t quite finished stuffing it with enough things to make you smile. I mean I know I can send multiple packages at different times but I want the first package to be epically awesome. ^_^ So just know it will get to you as soon as I deem it worthy. … continue reading this entry.

Skip Button, Please?

I made my KimCateKat video the other day. It took forever to upload it to Youtube. I had to use internet explorer instead of firefox in order to upload it. Well I got paid 42 dollars for working that one Saturday. Mom says its not worth it. But I felt a sense of pride getting paid. I wouldn’t mind working again. Where else am I going to find a job where I am given a ride to and back? I mean I don’t have a license so I can’t just work anywhere. Not that anywhere will even hire me. I need to start saving money. I mean it will take awhile but I mean whats life without hard work?

So I went to the dentist on Monday. Oh joy. I hate all types of doctors. Anyway, so I will be getting braces soon. The thought of actually having normal nice looking teeth makes me happy, but I just wish I could fast forward all the pain. Why couldn’t I have nice teeth? I have horrible teeth. When I was in junior high a classmate once told me, “How can a person with such crooked teeth; have such a pretty smile?” I hate backhanded compliments.  Did you know some people are not born without wisdom teeth? Meaning they won’t have to worry about getting those removed. Lucky people. I have mine. -_- Why must human beings be so fragile? I wish we could withstand anything. But I will have braces for the next two years. Great. You know I don’t mind actually having the braces, its the pain I am worried about. I don’t want to go through the pain of the braces and then I will have to remove my wisdom teeth. I wish I could wait until all of the wisdom teeth were erupted so they wouldn’t have to make an incision into my gums and extract the tooth.They take out some bone from your jaw. How is that a good thing? I hope my wisdom teeth aren’t growing horizontal. Thats when they can cause damage to your other teeth. Pfffft so many problems when it comes to teeth. I googled that, and now I wish I hadn’t because I saw pictures. They are really going to have to put me on the loopy gas. I wish I didn’t have to get them out. Again I wish I had a fast forward pain button. If only.

Must be positive and it will be worth all the pain to go through with it as soon as possible. I could have nice looking teeth in two years time? Nice thought.

Color Me Confused


Government class is ok.

Math is so so.

Painting looks fun.

Spanish class is…A NIGHTMARE!

Oh and I’m sick. -_-

I am so lost in that class. Apparently I didn’t understand what INT SPANISH I meant. I misread it as Intro to Spanish 1. But it actually means Intermediate Spanish aka Spanish 3! And I am in college? Sigh but in my defense the paper that listed the requirements for my major said nothing about taking a Spanish 1 and Spanish 2. It only said I had to take 2311 and 2312 Spanish courses. Which 2311 is Spanish 3. So wtf? Color me confused. I was so lost. The last time I took a Spanish class was what? Four years ago. I don’t remember the basic crap I should know to pass this class. I felt so sick just being in that class hoping it would end as soon as possible. I mean the teacher was really nice. And there were only 8 other students in the class which is an awesome number. See I have no problem reading Spanish. But I have no knowledge of basic sentence structure. So it would be insane for me to try to stick it out and risk failing the class. I have no idea how all of my exchange student friends were able to accomplish another language so fast. All of the exchange students that I met in High School had to deal with not  only one class in another language but more than one class. I feel so lame. -_- Anyway, so this nightmare lasted for three hours. I would catch a few things but most of the time I remained lost. I wish I was one of those people that could learn another language at the blink of an eye. But no. I mean really both of my parents speak Spanish. I have family that speak nothing but Spanish and I still never learned? This is seriously wrong on so many levels. So the entire three hours I kept thinking,”Shit I need to transfer into Beginning Spanish.” Yeah that is the course I should be in. So as soon as I got home I checked on the course availability list. The nightmare class is only on Tuesdays from 6pm to 9pm. So I needed a class to take its place. They only offered Beginning Spanish on Monday and Wednesdays and I have no open slots on those days. So I checked for another English class to take its place. (Stick to something I’m good at.) I mean eventually I will take Spanish but not this semester. There weren’t any English classes at the right time. So instead I will be taking Web Design (Mija will be proud) at the correct time only on Tuesdays from 6pm to 9pm. It seems perfect. I only hope it is. Another horrible part of this nightmare is that I don’t think I can sell back my 2311 Spanish books. Because I think they are getting a new edition. I hope I will be able to transfer to the web design class and not have any problems. So as soon as my Gov. class is over tomorrow I am heading to a counselor to change my class. Please let it go well. >_<

Painting seems like it is going to be fun. My cousin Ethan is in this class, so I will have someone to talk to. He gave me a ride home today. He always has such a nice vibe about him. I’m not exactly close with my extended family (and he is really my dad’s second cousin) But anyway I didn’t really grow up knowing him. To tell you the truth I met him my junior year. lol Anyway every time I do see him he always has a smile on his face and waves to me. He is so sweet. It makes me happy to know I do have nice people in my family. They aren’t all snobs.

Ok I just finished straightening my hair. I should get some sleep. Again please let things go great tomorrow. >_<

Matters of the Fucking Heart (Phew)

Women are high strung emotional creatures that talk too much and expect too much from their significant others. Correct? Men are fucking bastards that cannot for the love of chocolate (or insert something you love here) know what the hell they want, except for the fact that one woman just isn’t enough. Right?


I’m tired of hearing these sometimes true misconceptions. And I am aware that being female that makes me biased. But what the hell. I mean if you honestly think about all the things men say about women and vice versa. Its all bullshit. I mean all the stories we are told, are from other people. I mean yeah some people have the luxury to experience the same situations. But I mean really why blame the assholes that cheat on us or the pathetic losers that just date us so they are no longer lonely? You dated them. During a break up, you are either the dumpee, or the person that is doing the most damage. And of course you go through your blue period where you are completely heart broken and feel like your whole world is gone. And that you will never be able to love another human being for as long as you live. LIES. You do love again. And sometimes the same thing happens to you more than once. … continue reading this entry.

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