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~Plan With Me~


Wanted to film a Plan with Me video for this week. I added just a few things that I knew I had to do but obviously if more things occur I plan as the week goes on. For the most part, work is the only thing I can really plan ahead since  I know my work schedule by the end of the previous one. I have a few other videos planned for this week but didn’t think about it until after I filmed this video, so that’s why they aren’t there. Bare with me, I am terrible at planning out videos.

After I had written out the few things I knew would happen this week, I decided to make the end of the video just a montage of some planner supplies. Mainly, these Memento Dew Drop inks that I have fallen in love with. I’m a sucker for colorful things, and these are perfect for stamping my planner pages. Anyway, I’ve been thinking of some other videos to film and upload so stay tuned for some book and non-book related videos!

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Love of My Life

Above is my May book haul, but I also want to focus on the new love of my life. Vera Rose Robertson, my first niece. I absolutely adore this little baby and I cannot get enough of that new baby smell. She is beyond precious and it’s still really surreal to have her here. Ever since my sister got married, I’ve thought about the day they would have children. But now that, that child is actually here, I can’t believe it.

I knew she would be adorable and I knew that I would love her with all of my heart. But I never stopped to think about how much.  I mean, it’s love, you don’t normally associate an amount with it. It just is.

But I love this tiny person more than I thought was possible.

I also love this transformation that my sister has gone through, first with being pregnant and now as a full-fledged mother. She’s had motherly instincts all along, being the oldest of three girls, she’s watched over me and our younger sister for years. But now she’s the mother of her own child and motherhood agrees with her.

I hope to be as involved with my little Vera Rose as often as I can. Taking on the role of a tia has also changed me, there aren’t many children in my life. Aside from the many children I see when I work as a birthday party coordinator at the museum. Working there as giving me a soft spot for kids, but being an aunt is completely different. Especially, since this is my sister’s baby. I can’t express enough how warm and fuzzy I feel. My heart melts with every smile and fart this little person makes. I can only imagine how I’ll feel when I have a child.

I can’t wait to hold and inhale her tomorrow!!! They weren’t kidding, babies smell so good, new and like the color pink. That’s right, if the color pink had a smell it would be new babies.

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~Planner Loves~


I’m sure everyone in the planner community has discovered these new Recollections planners. They are available only at Michael’s and they are adorable.

I am in love with them mine. But there are a few cons as well as the pros, I made a video that mostly just went over all of the things that I love about the planner and then went over a few other planner goodies that I got for the new planner. Clear stamps anyone? I absolutely love clear stamps.

Here are a few cons I failed to mention in the vlog.

  • Misaligned rings:

With most ringed binders ring gaps are a problem. I checked all the mint binders and chose the one with the less ring flaws. I advised you to look through them as well before purchasing. However, gaps are to be expected…especially with cheaper option binders .

  • Laying down flat:

Now, this is easily fixed with time. You will have to train it, not a huge deal though.

  • Pen loop:

It was mentioned, but sort of glossed over. I would have preferred it to be elastic so it would fit any pen, but it’s too large and your pen might fall out.

At the moment, these are the only ones I feel are the main cons. I haven’t owned it long enough to discover more. I’ll keep you updated.



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I finally graduated!!! I have earned my degree, and although it took me a bit longer than some, my experiences have taught me things that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. This might just be me trying to make myself feel better about taking so long, but I continued on and didn’t quit. And that deserves some celebrating!!


I’m in the middle of job hunting and just spamming my resume out and I’m scared. I want a career, but since my degree is in English I don’t exactly have a set career. And I realize there are pros and cons to every degree, but when I look at others I feel as though mine is just all over the place. I can do many things, but then there’s that part of me that thinks, and there will always be someone who can do what I can, plus more. I’m trying not to let my negative thoughts and fears prevent me from applying to jobs.  Like I said, I’ve been spamming.

And aside from working and spamming potential employers, I’ve been reading a bunch and continuing my journey with the Booktube community. I’ve been enjoying it, I forgot how much fun I had updating Youtube. I have my next few videos planned out, and some of them have nothing to do with Booktube.  Here’s my latest video:

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Lovely Happenings


I purchased this amazing tote bag from Society 6 by Evie Seo. And yes, this tote is HUGE!!! I ordered the 18×18 but you have your choice of 13×13 or 16×16, which is probably the size I will order the next time. Yeah, I plan on ordering another tote down the line because there were a few other designs I can’t live without. But for another time, my wallet needs a break.

But I love the size, the only thing that would make this bag absolutely perfect is if it had pockets on the outside or inside. I added one on the inside to hold my cell, it’s not my best work but it works. Other than that, it holds everything! I still think Mija should design some things and have a Society 6 store for Mind-Speaks, but that might have to wait a while.

Below are my videos for my April book haul! I broke it into two parts since I wanted to discuss the poetry books I bought this month. I wasn’t really interested in poetry until I discovered these books!!! The second video contains all the fiction books I purchased.


I’m still figuring out editing. I will probably say that about every video I post, because Movie Maker isn’t the greatest program, but like I’ve said before. I’m working on it. I’m enjoying this entrance into the booktube community. I’m just trying to figure out more video topics, aside from book hauls. I love filming and watching these types of videos, however I won’t always be able to buy a bunch of books in order to film such videos. Hence, the need for other topics. I have a few ideas.

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Illustrated: A Few of my Favorites Books

Another video!!! I’m still trying to figure out how to edit using Movie Maker, it’s not the greatest of programs but I manage.  I remember older versions allowing more freedom than this windows 8 version. The sound gets a bit low in some areas but luckily it doesn’t really happen until the end.

Books that I mention in the video:

I’m pretty picky when it comes to art styles, and I might have been a bit harsh when it came to P. Craig Russell’s style of art.  It’s just not the type of style I like. My tastes rage from super cute and colorful to gritty and a bit creepy. It might be the way it’s colored, so it might be the colorists fault for why it doesn’t sit well with me. But don’t let my opinion change yours, this is just my opinion and tastes.

I’m thinking of making this a series, we shall see.

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Favorite Bookstores!


As I mentioned before, I’ve been spending time with my friends lately. Helps keep my mind off of things. My friends and I celebrated a belated Xmas together. Even though we haven’t spent very much time together they still know me very well. Look at some of the goodies I received. The trooper goblet!!! And the Socks!!! Gah! It’s all fantastic.

After having a bit of lunch and exchanging gifts we went around Rice Village for a bit. Stopped by Half Price, and then off to Urban Outfitters. We then made our way out of the village and stopped by Cactus music where I splurged and finally bought my favorite Tennis Vinyl – Cape Dory. Love their music! Bought it as an early Valentine’s gift to myself. After browsing through records for a while we went and had some bubble tea and then ended the night wondering around Target. We spent the entire day together, which was nice. 🙂

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So today was the Houston Indie Book Fest and I couldn’t be more excited. This is my favorite event that happens every April here in Houston, it is the reason I discovered my love for the literary world. Well…for the publishing world.


I had a blast! I worked the CLMP table from 1 to 5, it was so much fun but I came home exhausted. I immediately passed out and didn’t wake up until 10:30. After being surrounded by so much fiction and writers I actually find myself being inspired. So I’ll start writing my story for workshop on Thursday. I just wish the weekend was longer. >.<

I only bought two things, I’ve been planning on buying hard copies of this journal for THE longest time and I finally did today. The First Line has to be one of my favorite literary journals. I keep wanting to submit a story to them but I always miss out on the lines that I want. The line for may is...”I started collecting secrets when I was just six years old.” And submissions are due May 1st. I didn’t even get to really look around the Festival too much because I was already so tired. But I got what I wanted to buy and I had fun manning the table. I’m definitely going to start my story after I post this blog entry. My sister went around and filmed the festival so I plan on making a small video so you can see how awesome it was. Also, I had a surprised visit from my dancing partner, Julian, mentioned in this entry. It was nice catching up with him and he even stayed awhile to help me sell books. You’ll see in the video I post below. It was nice seeing him, it’s been awhile. Anyway, so I’ve just been craving some time to just create something. Be it writing, knitting, sewing, or even filming a vlog about something. There are several vlogs I want to make. Like about products I use, or an outfit of the day, especially this Houston series I desperately want to start. Which would  basically be a vlog where I introduce my favorite shops and restaurants that make me love living in Houston.

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Ebooks vs Print

I’ve always had a love for writing and reading, I don’t think I could be who I am if I didn’t. But it wasn’t until I reached the fourth grade that I discovered this fact about myself.


So yeah, I own a Nook Color. The weirdos gave it to me, I have been reading a book on it for pleasure and one for class. And let me just say how satisfying it was to push that confirm button and end up with a book before me…it was 2 in the morning. I should admit this now, but I am horribly addicted to online shopping. Thank goodness I don’t have any credit cards or I’d be in serious trouble. I enjoy ordering things online it’s the waiting process that I hate…anyway. So of course the ability to purchase a book in my pajamas and get it within minutes is pretty awesome. Also, I can watch Netflix…that has nothing to do with books or reading but is still is pretty awesome. Not to mention I can carry multiple books with me. This is great for school…minus the part where I can’t sell any books back. But let’s be honest, I’m lucky if I get five bucks back for the novels I buy for lit classes. Some teachers want me to get certain versions of the books so I won’t be able to use the Nook but for the ones I can it will be nice. This does not mean nor will it ever mean that I will stop buying hard copies of books. Nothing could ever stop me from that. Click the books or the, I pledge to read the printed word button on my sidebar. Speaking of books, I have tons of things to read at the moment but last week I picked up the book, The Underachiever’s Diary and I’m loving it so far. Bought it at Half Price for a dollar. Love Half Price. And it’s moments like these that I will always enjoy buying and reading the printed word.

Nook or Kindle? How do you feel about Ereaders, or books for that matter? Also, if you’re in Houston in the month of April then you must come to The Indie Book Fest. If you’re a bookstore owner, self published author or small press owner and are interested in getting a table I can also help you with getting you on the right list, let me know. Just shoot me an email at Kim at mind-speaks dot com.

Thanks for reading.

Backlog and Bandwagon?

I have so many blog drafts just waiting to be finished. But then I wait too long to publish it and something else happens. These are serious problems here. I mean really. -.-

This is the first time I actually have a summer vacation. My summer semester has ended so now I can relax before classes at UH start. Summer is going by super fast though and I’ve been having a blast. (Do people still say blast?) My mom is not ready to send me back to Houston just yet. The other day she told me that she’s not letting me go back until I absolutely have to. And I don’t start classes until the 27th of August? And since I have all of this time, all I have been doing is watching youtube videos, reading (a lot), sewing (nothing is coming out they way I want it to), and shopping. Now besides the normal vlogs I usually watch, I have actually started subscribing to a few channels that do the ever trendy outfit of the day/haul/monthly favorites videos. Some may see these types of videos as showing off. But I see these videos as being actually helpful. They show case new products from popular stores and they put you in a shopping mood. That might not always be a good thing though.  Anyway, now I don’t shop very often and I don’t wear make up but these videos make me want to be more feminine. Being female is awesome so I should embrace  that right? I’m not wanting to change who I am because I like being me. But I do think it would be fun to start doing a favorites blog entry/vlog every now and then. I used to update my blog with daily outfit posts, but I pretty much posted a picture of every outfit combination I have. Like I said I don’t shop very often and if I do it’s mostly books or fabric. But I’ve been buying a few items here and there this summer so I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and see how it goes. Editing takes a lot of time because my camera poops out a codex that premiere doesn’t seem to like. So editing is a complicated process that just makes me sleepy. But I’m going to try it anyway. We shall see what happens. The picture to the left is just some things that I didn’t mention in my haul video, oh and I’m starting to get the hang of styling my hair. If you watch the video below you will notice that I can now wear my bangs down. I’m happy!

What do you think of my first haul video? I’m still working on camera angles and I’m not an expert on video editing at all but I’ll work on it. :3 Is there certain types of videos you watch on youtube?


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