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Graduation Date Decided

I’ve been in college for far too long and I have a list of reasons as to why that is. However, if I were to write down that list then it would just be a list of excuses. Because the hard truth is, is that I did college ALL wrong. As hard as it is to admit that, it is true and I’m now suffering because of it.

As gloomy as that opening may sound, I don’t intend for this entry to be a negative/whiny one. Because I said in my last post that I would try to be more positive when handling my frustrations. So here is me trying to move past my frustrations instead of dwelling on them. What’s in the past is in the past. Although, I would be lying if I did not have lingering worries on the subject, because lets face it….life will continue to have its worries. I just have to figure out how to solve them. I had an appointment with my counselor today, she went over the classes that I still needed to take in order to graduate. I let her know that I want to graduate no later than 2015. So as of now, I plan to graduate Fall 2015. I was hoping for the spring but there is no hope of that happening. I have too many classes that I still have to take. I will make a vague list of those classes. Well let’s start with the Fall semester, I have already enrolled in the following classes for the next fall semester.

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Just the Cherry on Top: Away Negative Thoughts

Last week was just absolutely disastrous. One thing on top of another and I just hate that I had to have an emotional breakdown instead of just moving pass it while in the moment.

4-7-14outfitI was typing out a long blog entry and then I noticed that rehashing what happened word for word did more harm than good. I had started this post on Friday but wasn’t in a blogging mood so I didn’t finish it. I said I would always blog both the good and bad things that might happen in my life but I think paraphrasing might be better in this case.

-career fair was a bust, spent so much energy on being bummed about that, that I wasn’t focused on anything else
-Forgot I had a test on Friday after work, couldn’t concentrate on work which lead to wrong orders and tea over flowing
-Bombed said test, only to find out later that I could have rescheduled it during the next exam and actually make time to prepare for it.

So that’s the gist of my dark week, and all while that was happening I also hadn’t seen the bf in two weeks. -.- I don’t see myself as a high maintenance girl, but not seeing him made me uneasy. We’ve both been busy and any time we did talk it was just me complaining about jobs and school. I’m sure that was starting to get annoying. Even I was getting annoyed by my negative and whiny rants. Sometimes ranting is good, other times it can be too much if that’s all that’s said.  I don’t know if it was because everything seemed to be extremely shitty that I let my worrying carry over to other aspects of my life, but I knew I didn’t want to continue feeling like this. I finally decided to tell him about it, and who would have thought…communicating actually helps. -.- Guys are so good at causing us girls to over analyze things. They’re also really good at making those doubts disappear, but only when they know something is bothering you. He was so comforting, I should have known better than to let my insane thoughts get the better of me. Both with school and my relationship. I should give him more credit, even though there are times we misunderstand each other there are also more moments when he knows exactly what to do. He says the perfect things to ease my worries.

Anyway, I’m gonna try to be more optimistic. When you have a negative mindset then of course it will ruin your day from start to finish. It’s hard, especially when things seem overwhelming but I can’t undo what has happened, I can only learn from it and hope to god it doesn’t happen again.  Oh, I want to thank Melissa from Cloudy Chase for coming to have lunch with me last Thursday during my break. It totally made my day, also I still have your birthday present so we must get to get together soon. <3<3

I also got to spend time with the weirdos on Saturday, it was the bro’s birthday as well. We went to Choo Choo Sushi for lunch, then we went to Rustika to pick up his birthday cake and shared a tres leches parfait. We also spent some time with Kat during her break and had some berripop frozen yogurt. Good times.

Here’s to being optimistic. :3 Thanks for reading and commenting.

Me + Time: All Over the Place

Last Friday night I went into a cleaning frenzy…sadly the apartment is a mess again. I blame Hurricane Kat for that though. 😛 Any who, so I spent last Saturday out and about.

outfit3-22-14I wore this dress,  I keep meaning to sew a strange rip on the side. It’s such a cute knitted dress but it’s sooooo delicate. It’s just a rip in the first layer, and until I sew it up I just cover it with my tan cardigan.  >.< Lazy I know. Recently I’ve been desperately wanting a pet cat. But I just remember living with Tomo and Missy and their…litter boxes. But I love love LOVE cats! If I could have one right now, I would want a ragdoll one, I mean most cats are adorable but these are just gah!!! And don’t even get me started on munchkin cats. I’ve always wanted a cat with blue or different color eyes. My cats have always had green or yellow, I’ve been missing Kozi and Mr a lot lately. Probably because I haven’t been home in awhile. Why are cats so adorable?! But they come with their own cons.

  • Litter box
  • Their claws discovering the couch, carpet, clothes…basically everything. Tomo would chew on anything with string.
  • Wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving the cat alone at home…especially while its still in curious kitten mode.
  • Rent would go up even higher. -.- Not to mention the cost of vet bills, food, litter, damage to blinds or anything else belonging to the apartment. Not pretty.
  • What if I get a cat and it’s mean and hates me? Mr. was a mean kitty, but I learned how to accept his dramatic attitude. And now he’s just a grumpy old man cat, still love the four legged baby though.

Running out of cons, because let’s face it cats are just amazing. But I don’t have the means to take care of one at the moment. Plus the boyfriend is a huge cat person as well, and we’ve both said that if either of us got a cat the other would then only pay attention to said cat. That would probably happen a bit in the beginning, especially if it’s a kitten. They grow up so fast, but having them that small scares me because I’m worried they will get hurt when I’m not around. So for now, looking at other people’s cats will just have to do. Courtesy of instagram.

So wanted to share a recent ebay buy… this! I love it, but now I want to buy the green one, if I’m not careful I will get addicted to ebay. newbagI also ordered something else but haven’t received yet. Will share once I do, but anyway back to this awesome bag. I am afraid it will get damaged while wearing it out, odd thing to say. It is just a bag, and I’m being dramatic about it, but I LOVE it. It comes with two detachable straps so I can wear it like a backpack or a messenger bag. I’ve preferred wearing it as a backpack though.  I’ve been really bad this month, eating out and spending money on things I don’t actually need. I need to be better from now on. -.- I will try my best.

So I’ve been looking for internships and such for when the summer comes. I really need a higher paying job, and it would be great if the higher paying job could actually be something I could use as experience for a different career. Or something that will enrich my resume. I felt so blah when I was creating my resume to apply for this position at the Houston Museum of National Science. I could totally see myself working in a museum, so I’m really hoping I get this position. Of course I know I don’t actually stand a chance, so I’m not holding my breath. There’s a career fair on my campus next week so I’ll attend that and pass out my resume there and hope for the best. But I know I can’t just wait for something to happen, I have to make it happen.

So as another month approaches, here’s to being better and making life the way I want it to be. :3 How do you handle resume building? I wish mine was more impressive but even if it’s empty now, it won’t always be that way. Until next time….

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Blast You Mental Math!

Friday was the first time I was on the cash register at work. I had no desire to ever be on a register but my manager wanted everyone to be trained in both areas. So I dreaded it, it became a constant worry for me. She kept putting my training off and I remained a server for the past few weeks. Until today, she had me on an actual drawer. I thought, there’s no escaping it now, I started having flashbacks to when I was a child and I was learning how to count money for the first time. It was a horrible time for me. XD I’m being drastically dramatic about this.

Flashback: Second grade. age 7? We had started this “Class store”, each student would bring in a nick knack to sell. Our teacher would put a price on it and then if you wanted to buy something you used money you earned with your grades. It was obviously play money, but you earned X amount for every A and B ect. Anyway, I decide to bring in this rubber goldfish to sell in the store. I have no clue where it came from, possibly a gum ball machine, but the minute I placed it on the table I knew that I had to buy it to get it back.  No idea why I was filled with such regret but I knew  I had to work fast to buy it before one of my snot nosed classmates tried to. I hurried to my collection of paper and plastic money, the cost of my rubber goldfish escapes me now, but it couldn’t have been that much. All I remember is how much I struggled with counting out the amount needed to purchase it. Lunch time came so, unlike in real life, I kept the goldfish at my desk so that I was guaranteed to own it once again. I managed to buy it, but I still can remember the struggle I went in order to claim it as my own. End of dramatic flashback.

Anyway, to sum things up. Simple addition and subtraction, along with all the complex things about math, are the pain of my existence. But thankfully today wasn’t as busy so it was the perfect time for me to learn. And it didn’t take me that long to pick things up, I just need to practice simple addition. And as embarrassing as it is to admit it I’ve turned to the internet for help and have found this children’s game, Cash Out.  Medium level is just perfect, gives me similar amounts I might see at work.  Of course, in this game my customers are zoo animals, but hey I suck at counting and at least I’m trying to fix that….right? >.< Most customers use cougar cash or regular debit/credit cards, but a few used cash today. Nothing too difficult and some even gave me exact change which was awesome.  Besides working on my mental math, I also have to remember to go slow when pushing buttons. We have a huge menu so there are a lot of items that might be confused for each other. So learning where everything is on the register is something I will learn over time. But all in all, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. And my manager was really patient with me, thank goodness. Tuesdays and Thursdays are a lot crazier than Fridays so I’m  nervous but after Friday, a lot of my nerves have calmed down a bit. 🙂

This subject made me think of an episode of How I Met Your Mother, when they discussed knowledge gaps. Everyone has a few gaps somewhere, and one of mine just happens to be mental math. -.- Hopefully, I get a bit better because of this though. What about you, any knowledge gaps you’d care to share to make me feel less embarrassed?

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So I spent my Saturday cleaning up my apartment. Normal Saturday, I finally get around to studying, it takes me awhile to get in the studying mood but it happens. I’m attempting this whole trying not to procrastinate. :/

Anyway, so I sit at my desk and I dive into Chapter 1: Biology Exploring Life, I don’t get very deep because a minute later my cell rings. I look and notice it says that a private number is calling me. Due to my blasted curiosity, I answer it. It’s a man on the line, he mumbles, “Kimberly?” I ask who is calling, and then he mumbles something else in a thick accent. I keep asking who is calling, he then says someone named Albert gave him my number. I finally catch what he had been mumbling earlier and continued doing so.

“You have sex for money?”


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Welcome Home

So we moved into our apartment and I couldn’t be happier, I’ve also have been working at the restaurant on campus for the past month. I’m pretty exhausted and sore after work, which is why I haven’t been updating at all. Every time I sat down to type an entry out, homework or sleep keep getting in the way.  I’m gonna try to get back to my normal updating again.

So living in my own apartment has been wonderful, thanks to my mom, Kat and I have managed to decorate doorit to our liking and it has started feeling like a home. I’ll post a video tour sometime soon, that requires good lightening and time.  All of which is scarce during the week.  I want to get a book shelf for the living room, this desk, and a dresser for our bedroom that have at least 4 drawers so Kat and I each get two drawers, but three would be ok as well. Probably paint the dresser and shelf yellow. Our colors are teal and yellow, our mom bought us this cabinet to put our tv on top of and that was what decided our color scheme. Love it. We put our dvds and Xbox games inside of it.  Again, I’ll post a video tour of it soon. >.<

So my birthday was this month, and I turned 24 on the 11th. All of my co workers, who are younger than me, seem to find it bizarre. They all share this look of utter amazement when I share my age with them and they all say how they thought I was 18 and just out of high school. A compliment I guess, but not right after my 22 year old co recordplayerworker says how she feels SO old. -.- I wasn’t aware that 22 was old, hate to think what that makes 24. Well, I had some gifts to ease the pain of being old. 😛 My parents bought me a record player and it is just adorable! I had a few vinyl albums, but never thought about owning my own record player. Bro in law had one and seeing as how I lived with my sister and him for the past three years, I never needed my own. Now, yes, how very hipster of me. But I’ll have you know that I always found vinyl interesting back before today’s hipsters existed.  My sister started a vinyl collection when she got into high school. She’s a music trivia know-it-all, but now I can actually build my own collection she bought me my favorite Fleetwood Mac album when I turned 18, so now I can actually listen to it. Which I might over do it. This year she bought me a more practical gift. A heavy duty umbrella, no picture, but it’s green and black. I was in desperate need of an umbrella that worked, so thankful to have it. I was also given a bike.


I haven’t rode a bike since I was in junior high? I thought maybe I wouldn’t remember how to, but good thing for muscle memory. I’m excited to get more confident at riding it though, I plan on using it on campus, and to Rice Village. I forgot how much fun riding a bike was and it was so nostalgic to ride one again. Plus I also want to add rear baskets like this to the back of it so I can carry my stuff with me on campus. How cool are they, they fold in when you aren’t using them. Had to adjust the seat all the way down in order to ride it though, my legs are just really short and this bike is huge. >.< But I love it.

Here’s an instagram video of me using the record player for the first time. If you don’t recognize the song, it’s You make Loving Fun by Fleetwood Mac.


Until next time…thanks for reading and Commenting.


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