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A new year. Its weird after graduating from high school time seems to go by in a different way.

Fast sometimes and slow others. So I got up early and cleaned house a bit, I still have a ton to do which I will finish tomorrow. Hopefully >_<, it always seems like the laundry never gets done. (I HATE FOLDING WHITES!) Anyway I found out that I lost my two months with Missy. It is now two weeks a total of 18 days to be exact. Which I will hopefully spend 6 of those days with her. I hate that she lives 12 hours away.Kat and I finally received our DS cases in the mail today. We ordered clear cases while mom and Mija got ones with designs on the them. Mom’s has butterflies and Mija’s has Jack Skellington on it. Hers is the best, not only because of Jack but because it doesn’t have hinges. Her case was made much better than ours. >_< I knew I should have just gotten the Stitch one. But I wanted mine to be green. My favorite color has become a curse. Nah I kid.

I love having my things green. Its a force of habit but I don’t mind. At least I know that no one else will have my DS case because I can change it to whatever I want. Currently its is this pretty green patterned paper that I bought at hobby lobby a long time ago. So I’m happy with the finished product even though it took forever for the person to ship it. I ordered it on the 15th of December and I got it on January 4th. Now granted I know it was the Christmas holiday so I’m sure it was difficult to send it during the holidays. But I had emailed the seller like 4 times asking why he hadn’t shipped my items yet and he didn’t reply. He could have replied to me at least once explaining himself. Instead he ignores my emails, and when he does finally ship them he doesn’t even let me know until I check my ebay account. Normally a (good) seller would email me to let me know that my items had been shipped. And if they are a wonderful seller they include a tracking number. But whats the use in complaining when I have the items, right?

Things to look forward to:

  • Missy time.
  • Cate’s 18th birthday party.
  • Get my new cell phone on Monday!!!!!!!!!!! ….oh and classes start but I’d rather sleep in.   >_<

Oh yeah Andrea emailed me back! She is one of the coolest people I know. The only good thing from actually doing my Confirmation a year later than I was supposed to. Like I’ve said many times before, I find making friends complicated and difficult. So it takes me awhile to make friends that last. Currently the only friends I talk to since graduating is of course Missy, Cate and Hyun(if he counts?) That’s it. Then I made friends with Ana and I talk to Constance every now and then and Isamar sometimes. Now Andrea!


:3 If you read this, I hope we get a chance to hang out.


I had my first torn decision between my tumblr blog and my main blog.

I didn’t think I would have to choose between them because I have always known which blog I would use to update depending on the event. I would update my tumblr with small tidbits and my main blog with the larger events that can make me go on forever. So I had a little dilemma, which I’m sure to you might not seem like that much of a dilemma. But I am insane so naturally this makes sense to me. But because I felt this way, I solved my own dilemma without really doing anything but updating my blog. Well as you can see I chose my main blog. Meaning this involved something more than a quick description and a photo.

Mija bought me a NDS game to call my very own. Until now I have been playing whatever games Kat had. Which reminds me I missed a BrainAge today. Damn And I was doing so well too. I was keeping up with it and because I got so distracted by my new toy I forgot about it. -_- My new game is a classic. Are you familiar with Bust-A-Move? AKA Puzzle Bobble. Well the one I played growing up was Bust-A-Move ‘99 on Nintendo 64.

… continue reading this entry.

Pissed Beyond Reason

My cell finally kicked the can. Actually there was no kicking involved, just the loud yelling of profanity.

It happened so fast. My whole world flashed before my eyes as the screen went blank. Ok I’m being over dramatic here but I can’t believe my cell is dead. I feel so awkward without it. And to top it all off right before it broke I had just gotten a text message from my crush but I wasn’t able to reply to it. How unfair is that? I mean it just had to break at that particular moment. Is this karma? Am I being punished for wanted a new cell phone? T-T Which I can’t get until January. I can’t wait month to get a new cell. … continue reading this entry.

My Ever Present Past

“Searching for the time that has gone so fast- The time I thought would last.”- Paul McCartney

Usually I love finding things from my past. Like when I re read my old journals and relive each entry like it was yesterday. But in this case I’d rather not relive these memories. These memories that I have laid to rest in a box under my bed. Memories that I don’t want to necessarily forget, but just file under “Ignore for now” in my file cabinet of memories. Anyway, I found my old cell phone from my junior year and the beginning of my senior year in high school. And being the reminiscing chump that I am, I assumed it would be amazing memories. My junior year was amazing, I made friends with all the exchange students that year. Anyway I still have the charger so I plug it in turn it on and the sense of regret suddenly consumes me after it finally powers on. There set as my wallpaper is a picture of Him(ex) and Me, my screen saver? Him. My front wallpaper? His drums. I forgot about these pictures. On a less depressing note- There were tons of pictures of my friends. Of Missy,Nuey, Hiromi, Icz, Cate, even Hyun and few others. Its weird because I’m not sure what made me think of my old cell phone. I just did. I mean its no big deal really. I just found it weird. I wish I could get these pictures off of it. I think I did right after I got my new cell. But I can’t remember. And since I have a new laptop and a new external that would mean these pictures would be on my old seagate if I did. Weird. I don’t notice how every aged, these pictures are old, and everyone looks so young in them. Strange. I have only had three cell phones so far. And I got my first one my sophomore year which is the first one, and the middle one is the one that shocked me. And of course the green one is my current one. Its gonna be sad when I get a new one in another year or so. I didn’t delete any of the pictures, just turned off the cell and put it back at the bottom of my junk drawer (we all have one) were it belongs. I just made a mental note to not bother it again. For a very long time. Sigh.

Anyway, I have a Bridal shower to help plan soon. I need to start getting some ideas to contribute. Missy you can count on me. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Oh Happy Day

A brand new Toshiba laptop!

Part one: My old TOSHIBA laptop finally kicked the bucket. I’m not exactly sure why it died, I guess it was age. Its going on 4 years already. And computers don’t last very long. A sad truth. I am excited and happy and any number of words with the same meaning. I am so excited that I can’t describe how excited I am. My mom bought me a new TOSHIBA laptop! And its an inch smaller than my first laptop. So if I am daring enough I can take it to school and use it there. It comes with a webcam. Besides that I like the switch between windows option. I find this option amazing. I know I am weird. I can’t wait to get the new photoshop so I can make myself a new wallpaper. Not that there is anything wrong with the wallpaper I currently have. Its just I want to make one. I got this one from this site. But its just until I can make my own. Plus with the web cam I can make videos in a different way which I will experiment with later. lol. I am just so happy with it. … continue reading this entry.

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