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Love is in the Air

So as I mentioned before. My best friend Missy has tied the knot. She is now officially someone’s wife. The lucky someone is named Derek. I didn’t get a chance to actually get to know him. But from what I’ve seen, he seems like a wonderful guy. Him and Missy fit so well together, and it’s nice to be in their company. They are the sort of couple that can immediately turn tears into laughter. Yup that is possible.

Speaking of couple friends. You know when you sometimes get annoyed by your love sick friends because all they seem to talk about is their significant other? And you feel like because you are single they should respect your tiny melodramatic feelings. That they should keep their romance levels to a minimum. Well for me I don’t really get annoyed. I feel happy when I can witness my friends face light up when they talk about their someone special. I mean if I spend time with them as a couple then of course I’d feel a tinge of enviousness. (is that the right form of envy to use?) But if it were the other way around? I would want my friend to listen to my giddy cloud nine moments as well. I mean isn’t that what friends are for? So you can gab about not only your troubles but your success as well? Most people hate being the third wheel. I mean who wouldn’t? Your friends are too busy being in love to notice you. Of course you also have to think about your friends side of things. She/he has to juggle not only their friends and family but their significant other as well. And that is not always an easy thing to do. Anyway for me, I wouldn’t want my friend to feel like they need to tone down their lovey-dovey ness in order to not shatter my feelings. I mean just because I am single right now doesn’t mean I will be single forever. It only means I am single at the moment. And why put my friends that are happily coupled in a horrible mood. I mean would you actually be able to tell your friend, “Hey stop talking about your boyfriend/girlfriend. I’m sick of hearing about them.” I guess it just depends on the couple. Because there are some couples that really just go over board. And then there are the couples that you wish would show some form of affection just so you know that they are happy.Anyway, my point is that Missy and her husband are the right kind of couple.

They moved into their new apartment this Friday. And I already feel the difference of her not being here. I mean Missy and I weren’t glue to the hip or anything. We each had our own things. But that didn’t mean I didn’t see her as my best friend. I mean she is my therapist, my wife, the cream cheese to my bagel (Maybe it was the other way around) I think you get the picture. She is my best friend. I haven’t really made tons of friends since starting college; I actually feel like I’ve lost more since starting. I mean just because she moved away doesn’t mean we have stopped being friends and I am full aware of that. I mean we have the trusty internet here to keep in contact. Email, msn, skype. (When she gets internet) And of course there is text and calls. But I always saw Missy as my must meet face to face friend. Like msn wasn’t good enough. I’d have to see her in person in order to discuss whatever pathetic problem I needed her to analyze. I truly value her company. Not once did we ever have a fight. And I thats what I love about her the most. That we respected each other and we can always see the other’s point of view. Plus we can voice our opinnion with out the other jumping to conclusions. It was extraordinary. Because most girls get offended pretty easily. But not us. Anyway, I miss her and hope moving went smoothly.

I finally watched (500) Days of Summer. I liked it. It was cute and sad. But most of all cute. I’m not giving away any spoilers for this movie because it already tells you in the trailer that its not a love story. Just a basic boy meets girl story. That doesn’t necessarily mean they will fall in love. Just saying. I love the actors in this movie my favorite scene is when Joseph Gordon-Levitt dances. So cute. It makes you wish you could find a Tom in real life.

Song: You make my dreams- Hall & Oates



Have you ever loved someone so much that you were willing to do anything? I mean anything?

Movie spoilers!

You were warned.

I just watched the French movie Jeux d’enfants aka Love Me if You Dare. I found this movie rather interesting. I love out of reality/day dreaming/foreign/romantic movies. Of course I do think the lovers should have grown up and stopped being so stubborn. I mean their dares kept getting more dangerous as they got older. The ending has them die for their love. They were buried alive in cement. But I’d rather see it as they grew old together and lived out their eternal love. Its one of those movies where its sort of confusing and it leaves you to pick your own ending in a way. So I pick that they lived happily ever after. Fin.

But does love like that exist? Where you would do anything the person who holds your affection tells you to do? I mean anything? Whether is humiliating, illegal, life threatening for you or others? I mean these people saw life as a game. As children it was fine yet they should have stopped it when they reached adulthood. I mean why use love to for selfish reasons? I mean why not entertain themselves by being together? But still I recommend this movie for others. It leaves you thinking. Which is why I am here blogging now. Of course I’m sorry I give away endings to movies so this entry might leave you not wanting to watch this movie. If so? I still think you should give it a try. I cried a little during this movie and then I laughed. Because it does have its humorous parts as well. So watch it…if you dare? HAHAHAHHA That was cheesy, but I couldn’t resist. hehe

Of course this movie sort of leaves me wanting to play a game. But the sort of game like in the French movie Amélie. Like leave a note for a stranger to find like in a book, or in the computer lab at school? But I doubt I could pull it off. And the chances of finding someone that was game or not? Pretty slim. Where are all the creative fun people?


Depressing News

My sister and I would baby sit our neighbors cat. It started when my sister was like 12 who is now 24, and then after she left home I started taking care of Spicy with Kathy when I was 13 or so. I am now 19 and I have up til now took care of this cat when her owners go out of town. But sadly she has past away.

I know she was old, and I know all things come to an end. But I never thought it would happen. I can’t imagine how Laura must feel finding her beloved pet cat dead. Being an owner of two cats myself I know how attached one can get. They may be pets but they are still family. Spicy was the sweetest cat I knew. She would rub against my leg waiting for me to feed her. And then brush her coat when she was finished eating. Sometimes I would fall asleep there and wake up with her sleeping next to me or on me. I’m going to miss Spicy.

I already missed a day this month, and I could just go back and add an entry and just pretend it was written on that day. But I have decided I wouldn’t cheat. So I will try again next month, and during that time I will be better prepared and make sure that I update my blog every day that month. Plus next month is my birthday and I will have already started classes so I should have much more to update with. But I will eventually do the whole month of blogging thing. I should try to make my blog less boring. But I have no clue on how to do that so…yeah.

… continue reading this entry.

Nerdy Virgin Here-Spouting Nonsense Once Again

You know that thing? What’s it called? Love?… I’m sure everyone has felt this feeling at least once in their lifetime. I mean maybe a glimmer of it? If not, then don’t worry your time will come. Of course there are different types of love. Theres the family love, and then there is the love you have for you friends. And then there is the kind everyone can’t wait to experience. Yeah the romantic kind.

I mean I know I am usually sarcastic about this stuff. But that doesn’t mean I don’t hope to experience it too. You know the whole cheesy cloud nine, you’re “The One” nonsense? Yup that too. But I do not want to be the type of girl that is incredibly depressed for being single. I mean yeah being in a relationship can be a wonderful high. But I do not need a guy to make me happy. I am happy… well at the moment I’m hungry and bored. But there is still some happiness in there somewhere. I mean I have no hate towards the lovey dovey people that are currently in romantic relationships, and I don’t pity the people that are trying to discover a way to confess their love at this very moment. And to the married couples/engaged couples, congrats on finding “The One”. … continue reading this entry.

(Infinity) Days of No Life

Well first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIJA! Congrats on turning 24, you old lady. I kid I kid. You know I love you. Duh I made Stein for you. Thats love. So I’m still waiting for Sims 3. Yup.

Anyway, has anyone seen this trailer for the new movie 500 Days of Summer? It looks so good. It comes out on the 17th I believe. I like overlapping pictures for some odd reason.  Zooey Deschanel And Joseph Gordon-Levitt are so adorable.  I’m excited and can’t wait to see this movie. I hope it has a happy ending.

Warning movie spoilers!!!!

I watched the movie Little Ashes starring Robert Pattinson and Javier Beltran. It was interesting. I’m not really sure how to describe it. As Dali, Pattinson was in many intimate scenes with Frederico aka Beltran. The characters never fully took their relationship to the stage of lovers. But they came close. Not really a disappointment with its boy on boy action. There was very limited nudity from either of the leading roles. You do see Pattinson’s pubes in two scenes but thats about it. lol And of course you see boobs, because it wouldn’t be a movie without some straight sex and nude chests. (That was sarcasm, if you couldn’t tell) Of course this movie is about Dali so it is very artistic, the romantic scene with Frederico and Dali in the ocean is shot very beautifully. Which is why while watching this movie (mainly this scene) I immediately wanted to paint something. I couldn’t resist. But all I drew was hands.

Sidetracked: To me I think that the clavicle bone is one of the most seductive bones of the human anatomy. Next to that are hands. I find hands to be equally as beautiful. No matter how they look. Hands have so many joints and muscles and parts to it that most of the time it doesn’t even occur to us how interesting hands are. Not to mention important. Then of course thinking about hands made me think about whether your right-handed or left. And then that made me think about the brain. And which side I use more. And thats basically how my brain works. I start off on one thing then end up on another entirely different topic. Sigh. So which side do you use?

Getting back to the movie, it course ends sad. Federico is kidnapped and then killed. And Dali is of course affected by his death. But remains Dali and continues on. I he died at the age of 84 in 1989. I find that so bizarre for some reason.

“Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.” – Salvador Dali

Reality Bites the Dust


Well my first job interview was the other day. And I’m not exactly sure how it went. I can’t remember the exact questions I was asked. And at the end of it, she was verifying my number and all I remember is answering yes. I don’t even remember if it was in fact my number. What the hell is wrong with me? It will be my down fall if the only reason I don’t get the job is because I wasn’t listening to the lady recite my number. I mean its my number. I know my number. But why can’t I remember if what she recited was my number? For the love of chocolate I wish I had a rewind button! I mean am I the only one who starts thinking rambles when a person is asking something of importance; and all you end up hearing is your own dumb thoughts dancing around in your head? Sigh. If I don’t hear back from them by Thursday then I know I didn’t get the job. Sigh. She said the HR person would call me to schedule a second interview with the manager and what not. And the manager is supposed to be here on Thursday. So if they don’t call me to schedule a second interview, my mind will be left to think that either A) she didn’t have my number, and that is all my fault for having goo for brains. Or B) They are not interested in hiring me. -_- How depressing. tsk. So I just have to apply for more jobs. I think I applied for most of the online applications. Now its time to start the embarrassing, “Hi are you by any chance hiring?” Sucks.


Ok you know how in romantic comedies, the main roles most of the time experience downright embarrassing moments. Just like in our lives (reality) we experience day to day humiliating experiences too. Am I right? Yet in the movies these moments are created by a play write. I mean they could very well be based on truth, but I’m assuming they were created for the enjoyment of an audience. Anyway I recently just watched the romantic comedy Its a Boy/Girl Thing. I watched it on Youtube. It was pretty hilarious. And not the, “Oh my gosh this is so stupid” kind of way. But the,”This is actually a pretty good movie” kind of way. Its sort of a twist on Freaky Friday. But instead of family members its enemies (that are of the opposite sex) that fall in love. I mean the saying , “opposites attract” actually applies here. And it has nothing to do with science.  Magic maybe? Anyway, back to the embarrassing moments, I wish life could be a romantic comedy where these moments could be forgotten just like that. I mean of course in reality these moments are forgotten with time and what not. But sometimes they follow us for all eternity. lol Ok maybe not that dramatic. But again I wouldn’t mind my life having its movie moments. You know those scenes that can only happen in a movie? A romantic encounter that wouldn’t be logical let alone possible in my reality. Bleh  >_< There. You see what movies do to you me? They end up putting all of these thoughts into my head. Sucks.  Back to movies. I watched  Table for Three. Hot Brandon Routh stars in it. He played Superman in Superman Returns. In this movie I would have gotten so tired of those roommates. I doubt I will even be able to have roommates in the future. I mean you don’t know who comes to roommate ads. They could be psycho killers, or crazy couples as you see in this movie.  Is this movie worth it? It was funny, and it was an ok to watch. But not a life changing. Brandon is a hottie so thats why I watched it. >_< Watch the trailer and judge for yourself.


I order the book Shrimp by Rachel Cohn. Its the second book in the series and I couldn’t find this book at any book store. Seriously it was out of stock everywhere. I kid you not. The other two were at the store, so why wouldn’t this one be as well? It makes me think, “This one must be the best one out of the three. I must find and read this book.” And then I turn into this crazy book person. Where I don’t want to read any other book until I read this one.  And I’m really hoping its the cover I want. I get pissed if its the wrong cover. I have the new cover of the first and last one so the second one has to match as well. Its says it should arrive by the 23rd. But I’m hoping it comes sooner than that. Again I am incredibly impatient. I hate not being able to concentrate. And this just adds to my screwed up sleeping patterns.

NEW SEASON OF TRUE BLOOD IS FUCKING AWESOME! Just saying. I cannot wait for the second episode on Sunday!

A Ton of Linking

Thursday night I went to see Angels and Demons with my cousin Gabby. (I know shocking right?) My cousin and I haven’t always gotten along. Most of the time we just annoyed each other. But after graduating from high school we don’t see each other as often, so its nice to get together and do things. Anyway, the movie was pretty interesting. Much better than the first one I think. And Ewan McGregor is incredibly hot. >_< But anyway I recommend this movie if you find religion interesting, even if you don’t have a religion.

Anyway, I’m at Mija’s apartment again but only for the weekend. Kat spent a week with her and because Mija couldn’t make it home this weekend we had to come and pick up Kat. And dad is visiting his parents in the valley and he has been sending us pictures of my grandpa. Its been a while since I have seen him. And I miss him so much. He is so adorable.

So Saturday we went to the Galleria and then we ate at Panda Express for lunch, and then to Berrypop for some frozen yogurt.

And its taking me so long to write this entry because I have been watching the Degrassi Marathon. Sigh. Its been on all day and my sisters and I have been watching it. >_<

I mean, there is really a lot of drama in these characters lives. Death, rape,pregnancy, bullies, eating disorders, abusive parents/boyfriends. I mean its serious problems but they are repetitive, I mean there is only so many problems they can give these kids. But I have to admit its an addictive show. tsk. And now I am watching Once Upon a Forest. One of the greatest cartoons next to The Secret of N.I.M.H., Ferngully, A Troll in Central Park, and Thumbelina. I remember watching these movies when I was younger, awww memories. lol

Music to mention.I bought The Hush Sound cd, Goodbye Blues. I love it! Of course now I found out that there is a version with two bonus tracks out there. And of course my version isn’t that one. I was lucky to even find this cd at Barnes and Noble. There was only one copy there and I was able to get it. ^_^ And there aren’t many cds out there that I can listen to all the way through with the minor exception of Fleetwood Mac’s album Rumours and now this one. The Hush Sound is a great band they have been around since 2004. And I just heard of them now, but they have three albums out already. You should give them a listen.

Well it is 6 o’clock in the morning now so I should get some sleep. tsk. We are going home tomorrow and I have still have a job interview on Tuesday. I am still nervous. I hope I get the job, I really need money. But I can only do my best and hope they like me. >_<

Another Sudden Urge to Write

I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman.”- Anais Nin

After watching the mini series Lost in Austen. I just had to watch Pride and Prejudice. First the 1995 version which took awhile( it’s five hours long plus extras-I have the three disc edition) then the 2005 remake. I have decided that I like them both. Of course Colin Firth is a much better Darcy I think. But for some reason I find him more attractive older than when he was younger. Just like David Bowie-hotter with age. >_< Moving on, while watching these movies it made me think of the differences between the men in the 1800’s and the men in the present. Dating without a chaperon was out of the question and displays of affection were simply frowned upon. I’m sure even hand holding was scandalous. The men of of the 1800’s aren’t really better than the men of our time, because of course back then women were merely objects. Put on this earth to make a man look good, and to carry on his name. Pfffft! I cannot and will not agree with that. At least today, the male sex realize that there are women out there that are smarter and stronger than they are. They might not want to admit it but, in the corner of their minds they are fully aware of this fact. Even though we do things the past might find horrific, the past is not without its own shocking ways. Not only were women objects, but women were sold as wives at the young age of 15. Maybe even younger depending on the parents. Ok so in our time girls younger than that are having babies. -_-;

I find Jane Austen’s time romantic, of course that might just be her novels. I shouldn’t confuse reality with fiction correct? Although it may have its charms, I wouldn’t leave my own time to live a life there. Not even in my dreams. I am way too spoiled with my life the way it is. However, it would be nice to be wooed and courted and doted upon with sweet words by a man that is mature and knows exactly what to say. Sigh. That would be nice. Instead in 2009 we have men who shout at us from afar and then mock our appearance as a way of flirting.

How romantic indeed.

WARNING! Ruined Endings

OK. If you are the sort of person that hates when other people ruin movies you have yet to see, then I am warning you DO NOT continue reading this entry. I am known for telling the endings of movies sometimes not on purpose. But thats just the way I am. Watching movies with me (that I have already seen) is sometimes annoying for others. My bad. >_<;

Anyway the movie that I am about to rip to shreds is…..Drag Me to Hell. I have so many words for this movie and just off the top of my head- horrible, lame, annoying, stupid, corny, mundane….yada yada yada. Anyway, I’m sorry if you liked this movie but I did not. The main character Christine Brown played by Alison Lohman (which I love her) gets so much fake shit thrown in her face and mouth. She consumes the saliva of a crazy woman, blood, eye balls of a dead crazy woman, a fly, maggots, and embalming fluid of a dead crazy woman. Yes she does.

Now the story line of someone cursing another person or family blood line has been done many times, and if done right then it could be an interesting movie idea. Now the entire movie was horrible. But there was once scene that was the most horrible. (And here is me attempting to describe the scene as best I can.) Its where the character Christine is leaving her job right after denying the crazy woman’s request for a loan extension. She gets attacked by this crazy woman and throughout the entire scene I’m thinking, “Is this seriously part of the movie?” The crazy lady’s false teeth fall out during the struggle and she then proceeds to suck the chin of Alison’s character. I kid you not. She actually puts her toothless mouth on the chin of the actress. It bothered the shit out of me for some reason. Death by saliva and gums should be one of the worse ways to go. And the lady just keeps on fighting. One of the most worse scenes in a movie. This movie seemed like a spoof that was making fun of something else. It was so predictable, I knew she was going to be (not to be cheesy) dragged to hell. Only watch this movie if you are in the mood to laugh at the train wreck that is this movie. Sigh. Sorry to ruin the hopes of those who thought this movie looked good.

Another Month Goes by…

I remain creatively stumped. I have no idea what to paint on my Munny, I want to go on a book overload, and I need to make a vlog as well using what I filmed at Domy Books. But in the mean time here are some pictures of the store that I have yet to share.

I don’t want to talk too much about this store because then I won’t leave anything for my vlog. Just know it is a kick ass store made of awesome. With the minor exception its awesomeness is fucking expensive. But oh well I still find it amazing.Ok so I spent the past two weeks with my sister Mija and I had fun. She wants me to come back for a third week. Awww I must be so awesome that she just can’t ever get tired of me. So I said why not. I changed my mind about going to classes this month. So I now have an actual summer vacation. Sigh. I’m such a bad student. I might go to classes during the Summer II semester. Anyway, I think I spoiled her by staying for the second week and now she doesn’t want to be alone at her place. lol I don’t mind staying at her place, I mean I’m not bored or anything. I’m just homesick. At least I know that when the time comes for me to actually move in with her we will be able to actually live under the same roof together. Well the other day she bought some sushi for us and we made chow mein. It was so yummy. Of course Tomo (her pet cat) was a curious weirdo and wanted to investigate the sushi. Like he would like it, he is a weird cat. Not at all like my cat Mister. He would eat anything. A regular walking, breathing, eating machine.

Speaking of noodles mom rented the movie The Ramen Girl starring Brittany Murphy the other day. And so we watched it when we came home on Saturday while eating ramen. The movie was cute, I’m just glad they took out a bunch of unnecessary scenes. It would have changed my opinion of the movie. And her love interest? Sohee Park? Is such a cutie.

I wish Kathy would update more often without me having to tell her. I might as well go and bother her right now seeing as I will be gone for another week. hehehe ^_^

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