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Funny Story

So this weekend the weirdos and I are heading to New Orleans.

Jody has invited us to go and visit his family. I’m excited, I’ve never been outside of Texas before. I haven’t even traveled explored the rest of Texas. I’ve been to Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Mission, McAllen, and a few other small towns. But I haven’t been anywhere really, my family and I never really went on vacations.  I’m finally packed, I think I have everything I need. I’m not bringing my lappy because where we’re staying won’t have wifi, plus my laptop should be traveling.   But before I go, I wanted to share a funny story with you. I don’t want to gross anyone out so if talking about feminine products disgusts you then stop reading now. Ok so I carry extra pads with me for those just in case moments. Because we all know that mother nature loves to screw with us. Well anyway, I had put on in the zipper compartment of my bag. Its one of those Always thin pads, anyway so I kept it unzipped because I had kept my cell in that compartment. Well I head in to the bathroom and start checking my bag and its vanished. I must have dropped it somewhere on campus, of course you would think that I would have noticed but obviously not. This moment made me think of another time this has happened to me. I can laugh about it now, but the 11 yr old me would cringe to think I’m sharing this story with other people. So when I was 11, according to biology or science, I had become a woman. I, the same as now, carried extra pads with me. Only I carried like five extra pads with me. A bit much but hey I didn’t know how many to carry with me.  Well I must have forgotten to zip the front pocket of my backpack because all of these pads had fallen out all over the assembly area.  Luckily there were only a few people, all of them girls and all of them “friends”, and they started making fun of me. Now these pads weren’t diapers. They were tiny pads, I was 11 for goodness sake. I can laugh at it now, but at the time I was really embarrassed. So I just ran off. The next morning I get to school and notice the pads I had left were being kicked around by some boys. Most of my peers avoided them but one boy had picked one up to throw away ,holding it between his index and thumb as if it were used. I was mortified because it was all anyone had talked about all day. About the pads that littered the assembly area. Now that I’m an adult I can laugh but I can imagine the current 22 yr me dropping a pad in front of someone but they were probably too embarrassed to say, “Hey you dropped your pad.” XD

Just one of those moments that might have been a bit embarrassing but since I was so unobservant it didn’t phase me. 😀

So have you been to New Orleans? If so what are some places I should check out?

Not So Cute

So I am in my room just fooling around on the net. When I hear Tomo at my door, I allow him into my room, but only because he is just so adorable that it is hard to say no to him. He just laid on my bed so I figured he would just sleep. I turn my back and return to the net when a few minutes later I hear him moving around. I turn around to see him push off my pillows and blankets from my bed. I only managed to catch the end of his act on camera. What a strange kitty. In other news I added a music player page to my sidebar with a few favorite songs of mine. The music video is attached to them so just click on video in the corner of the player to view it. Or not, its up to you. I had trouble finding the right songs because I wanted the actual music video version, not somebody’s homemade music video. It was tricky because a lot of people who posted the official videos disabled embedding. It was actually very frustrating. But I managed to find all but one with official videos, so I’ll be adding to this playlist every now and then.
The songs I included are:

Camera Obscura- French Navy
Mika- Elle Me Dit
Ingrid Michaelson- Somebody I used to Know (COVER)
The Like- He’s Not a Boy
The Darkness- I Believe in a Thing Called Love
She & Him- Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
Meaghan Smith- Here Comes Your Man
Best Coast- Our Deal (official video here)

Meme and Mention

My sister Mija tagged me!


  • You must post these rules.
  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
  • Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  • You have to choose people to tag and link them on the post.

11 Facts about me….

  1. I do NOT like my neck being touched. >.<
  2. I taught myself how to knit and sew. ^^
  3. Nail polish is a new obsession of mine.
  4. I’m horribly unphotogenic…sucks -.-
  5. Teal is my new favorite color.
  6. I am a middle child.
  7. I’ve never eaten, nor do I ever want to, at Taco Bell.
  8. I’m an Editorial Assistant for Gulf Coast. <3
  9. Optometrist scare me.
  10. I can’t dance to save my life.
  11. The internet is something I can’t live without.


1. Who was your childhood hero?   My dad. I was a huge daddy’s girl as a child. Now that I’m grown up and out of the house. He picks on me like a little brother would. :/ He is crazy.

2. What is your biggest pet peeve? Sorry, but I can’t stand it when women wear leggings/tights without wearing something that covers their butt. If you bend down or reach up and I can see your underwear then that means you should wear some shorts or cute bloomers to cover up. Thank you.

3. Favorite thing about grade school? It was so easy to make friends. It was the time before clicks formed and everyone was friends with everyone. Before the jocks became jocks and the geeks became geeks. It was nice. 🙂

4. What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?  I wouldn’t say its my ultimate guilty pleasure, but I enjoy Vampire Diaries. I’ve never read the books, nor do I plan to, but for some reason I just got sucked in by the series. >.< The story line isn’t that great, but I enjoy watching it.

5. Favorite item to accessorize with? It would have to say scarves. After learning how to knit them, I’ve become obsessed. XD But then again I’m crazy about bags and hair accessories as well. So this is actually a very hard question to answer.

6. Do you have any hobbies? Yes I do. Blogging, reading, knitting, sewing. Sometimes I vlog and just writing in general. :3

7. Favorite tasty beverage? Raspberry lemonade. Sooooo freaking yummy. :9 I first tried it at FireHouse Subs. And instantly feel in love with it. And its all thanks to this fancy coke machine.

8. How did you come up with the design of your blog? I just asked my talented sister to design and make one for me. I asked her to design something that would fit my personality and feature my hobbies. And the finish product is just splendid. So thanks again Mjia!! <3

9. Do you go to any cons or meet ups? I’ve been to a few cons, now I’m more focused on going to readings in my area. The one I’m excited for most is The Houston Indie Book Fest. So if your in the area, you should come check it out and look for the Gulf Coast table. That’s where I’ll be. >.<

10. What are you going/did go to school for? I’m an English Major with a Concentration in Creative Writing at UH. And I hope to work for a Journal or a Magazine or a nice publishing company.

11. Tell me your best childhood memory! I have so many good ones. But the one that springs to mind, I wouldn’t exactly call this the best, is when I would tell my mom that a bird landed on my finger while I was playing outside. XD Not sure why I would do this. But it just seemed so amazing, I must have associated birds with Disney Princesses and felt that a bird landing on my finger was pure magic.

My Questions for you!!! :3

1. If you could meet any celebrity or other personality in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
2. Which color best describes you or stands for your personality?
3. How did you come up with your blog url? Or if you don’t have your own domain, where did the name of your blog come from?
4.Describe yourself in a single sentence.
5. Favorite cartoon character?
6.Pc or Mac?
7. iphone or Droid? Or if you don’t have a smart phone, why not?
8. Favorite movie?
9. Why do you blog?
10. What projects have you been working on? (i.e. personal, creative, homework)
11. What is the best thing about your blog design?

I tag Kristen, Melanie, Bea, Sarah, Audry, Robin and Shelly. After you update your blog with this meme leave a link to it on my post. Others are welcomed to it as well.

A Thank You

Firstly, I just want to take the time and thank my fellow bloggers for reading and commenting on my blog. I really appreciate every comment. 😀

And I’ve found some fascinating new blogs to read as well. So win win! So its always good to add your blog url when commenting.  I feel as though there aren’t enough bloggers in the world. And I have yet to meet someone in person who openly confesses to blogging. I mean why wouldn’t you want to blog? I enjoy it. Once I meet someone new, I admit to blogging right off the bat in hopes they share the same pastime.  Sadly, they just look at me and nod. A lot of non-bloggers, see the act of blogging as just another spotlight the attention whores crave. But if you think about it, even the non-bloggers sort of blog in some way. Facebook and twitter is micro blogging is it not? They take the time to type out a sentence or two that documents the day and display it for the world to see. They assume the world cares what they have to say. Yet they mock us, who create more than a few sentences? Hypocritical if you ask me. I think all the dedicated bloggers are hidden away somewhere. But I’m happy to have found such an accepting community with like minded people. So again, I thank you. 😀

So onto daily outfit. This is what I wore on Monday and I actually really love this outfit. I’ve mention before that I don’t always feel pretty. So when I do, I like to take a bunch of pictures to prove that I can. This is another new combination of layers that I’m proud of. Everything matches so well. I’m a bit of a match freak thanks to my sister Mija but I’m not complaining. It was programed in me when I was little so I can’t actually help it. XD The green dress was actually a bit longer but I shortened it because the length was a bit awkward. This is actually shorter than a dress, so I’m wearing some shorts underneath. I even do so when the dress is actually long enough. Layers are actually a security blanket for me. The more layers the better. The tights I’m wearing are actually my favorite. I bought them a year or two ago at Target. I’m really loving this mint green, its featured in the cardigan, the tights, the purse (also from Target a few years back) and even my nail polish. I knitted an olive green bow for my hair, I’m in love with making hair accessories. And bows are just so fun to use/make. 😀 My hair is in a bun, I used a sock to create the perfect bun. Of course in person its a massive bun. I have a ton of hair and its hard to get my hair to cooperate with the me but I managed to get it to work. It takes some practice to get the sock bun down and I’m getting there. My younger sister, Kat discovered the sock bun and showed me how to do it. I’m still surprised I managed to do it.

So I packed some rice balls for lunch the other day. They made for a great picture, but they weren’t exactly very filling. So I think I’ll stick with my sandwiches for now. But I did have fun adding faces to the picture. Look how cute? I wish I could pack a cute bento, but my culinary skills are nonexistent. So I wouldn’t be able to be put something as beautiful and yummy together like some can. Besides, I have to keep in mind what will keep throughout the day. I carry my bento with me around campus, there is no locker or fridge to hold my personal items. I’m not Sailor Moon, I don’t have an invisible pocket that holds the moon scepter. So I have to make sure it won’t go bad or make my bag smell horrible. So tuna or mayonnaise product is out of the question. Its just good ole’ Pb&J for me. Of course, I like to cut my sandwiches into butterflies or hearts. It reminds me of my mom. >.< And it makes it brings a smile to my face when I go to eat my heart shaped sandwich.

Well it appears that I have stayed up way past my bed time. Blast! I should really get to sleep. I have a late day tomorrow. :/

I’ll end the post with this, do you have any other ideas of what I could pack for lunch? Something easy? lol

Something Warm

I’ve never been a fan of coffee. But like many, I do enjoy the smell of it.

Once it finally gets cold here in Texas I always wish I could just snuggle up with a good book and a nice cup of something warm. I’ve tried hot chocolate, I can’t stand the smell of it nor do I like marshmallows (unless its a rice crispy treat). And even though I enjoy the smell of coffee, I just don’t like it. So now I’m left without a drink to enjoy during the winter.

Except wait!! There is tea.

Now I like sweet things, and tea is very bitter so I’m trying to find more ways to make tea more…acceptable. I enjoy a cup of raspberry tea as long as I dump a whole lot of sugar in it. Side note- How cute is this tea pot and tea cup? Too cute. My mom gave me this white tea pot and I adore it. The cup is my younger sister’s, she bought it from F.i.t. Its heart shaped and since its white I thought it would match the pot. And make for a cute picture. 😀 But I still haven’t found the right amount, sometimes I feel like I add too much and then the aftertaste isn’t very tasty. I’ve tried adding syrup and it sort of makes it somewhat yummy. But its still not the taste I’m looking for. What I really hope to find is a sweet tea that doesn’t need any added sugar. A tea that is already the right amount of sweet to satisfy my taste buds. But alas, I feel like my search will never end. Of course with Texas and its bipolar weather its not like I don’t have the time to discover this new tea. XD

So do you have any tips to make tea more sweet..besides adding loads of sugar to the pot? :9


SUCCESS! I finally got the ipod clone to work again on my R4. Man I am such a loser.

Random thought

I am sitting on my bed staring at the pile of clean laundry I have yet to put away. I usually put it away right after its washed. I mean its only been a day but still…why haven’t I put them away. My room is incredibly cluttered. I hide my clutter in cabinets and drawers. And don’t even get me started on the monster under my bed. (Fred) And I just put it out of my mind. I should really do some spring cleaning.

(stopped typing to put away laundry. >.< )

It Never Ends

I got a tumblr blog. Which is unnecessary. I am aware of that, but for some odd reason I got one. I just tried to add a small entry. And failed miserably.

I can’t really make small entries, (I consider this entry a small entry) because one thing makes me go off on another ect. This causes me to continue typing out more words then I originally planned on. So maybe tumblr isn’t something I should have signed up for. Maybe if it had a layout that was more me I would warm up to it. Plus I need to come up with a much more fitting url name than comingupblank. If you can’t guess I was coming up blank when thinking for names. >_< Where did my creativity go? I need to finish my painting but I have no idea what to paint.

That was at 3:46 early today. It is now 10:18, and I now have an idea of what I want to paint. Well sort of. Its only an idea so it could either disappear or not work out. But hey, I should be optimistic about this correct? So I’m hoping my creative abilities show themselves and work for me tonight. Because it would suck if they decided to just up and leave me. I mean I just got a $225 scholarship for art. So I have to show him what I’m made of, or else he’ll think he made the wrong decision in giving me this money. And its money that I can use for anything. It doesn’t have to be for school. Of course I’ll use it for school. Or maybe Christmas presents for the family. I never have money, let alone a lot of it. And yes $225 is a lot of money to me. Some with a steady income might think otherwise. >_< I need a job that is steady. I mean I like being lazy and have my weekends free. But lets face it, I need money still. And I need to open a savings account. I plan to next week to put that $225 in a safe place. Maybe mom will let me use it to buy a new cell phone. Which sounds very conceited and spoiled of me. I know. -_-

Now it is already Saturday. Damn I put off posting this entry. Its now 4:37 a.m. I didn’t really paint much between then and now. I just gessoed over an inappropriate blue penis, that a classmate of mine decided to paint on my canvas. Of course it was after I said that I was going to paint over what I already had. I know that if I hadn’t mentioned that I was starting over, he wouldn’t have drawn on my canvas. Well I’m almost sure he wouldn’t have. Anyway, I am going to be forced to wake up in a couple of hours soon to get ready to go Houston. My sister wants to go to the Art Institute open house. She is thinking of majoring in Culinary. And so she wants to ask a few questions. She is a junior in high school and she is freaking out about college. Of course I tell her everything will work itself out. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing. I just know that it involves writing. I’m hoping to get into publishing if that is possible. But all I have to do is try right? Of course I’m horrible at editing writing. I know I have tons of typos and grammar errors in every single one of my blog entries. But I’m usually too lazy to look over them until after I have posted them. Gosh I’m lazy. -_- Ok well I plan to record tomorrow since it will be all five( meaning the whole family) of us together for more than a few moments. Kat and I usually hide in our rooms, while mom watches her dramas in the living room. And dad is either outside or in his “office” aka the garage. Mija (when she is home) is either in my room or in the living room (depending where she left her lappy plugged in) with mom.

See what did I tell you? I started with one topic to only end with a completely different one. Yup.

Wet Blanket

For as long as I can remember I have never really taken a risk. I mean I have always been the weird kid that never ran with scissors. But if you think about it why would you run with scissors? I mean children are dumb, but would they really be running with scissors in their hands? I mean I guess it happens in kindergarten. But most children don’t really use scissors on a daily basis. They start using scissors  with the lesson on cutting along straight lines but if you really think about it…

Kimberly Focus! Back to the point,  as I got older I grew more afraid of actually living. I wouldn’t do anything that could end up with me in the emergency room. Like reckless sports. :p But I also didn’t participate in sports because I am horrible at them. I mean I have no hand eye coordination and playing softball with the boys P.E. class in the sixth grade was extremely humiliating. Especially when your junior high crush sees you as nothing more than a threat to him winning  a stupid P.E. game of softball. Its softball! And P.E. class! Not a national tournament. When it was my turn up to bat I heard him say, “Please hit the ball. Just this once hit it.” Yeah that crush didn’t last long. It was that important to him, of course I could care less and didn’t hit one ball. I guess I could have made the effort but I just didn’t feel the need to. Of course batting was much better than being in the field where you had to wear a glove. Only there wasn’t enough gloves for each team to have their own; so we would switch by leaving the gloves on the ground and you would just pick one up. And wouldn’t you know the one I just happened to pick up was for a left handed person. That didn’t do me any good seeing as I am right handed. And I was yelled at for just standing and not grabbing the correct glove. Wow what was my point again. Damn I hate when I get off subject.

Back to the main issue here. After watching the recent episode of Being Erica  it made me think of taking risks. Not huge risks but the semi ones. I mean I feel like I have always just made the safe choices. With certain situations I felt like the wet blanket that ruins the fun for everyone else. Which is why I have no social life.  I mean I’m not saying I haven’t made dumb choices. I have regrets like every other person out there. I just feel like on the not so serious decisions , I just made the safe choice so I wouldn’t have to experience yet another embarrassing moment. You know the non life threating decisions? Like getting the courage to ask someone out, or speaking up in class when I am lost? Situations like these that aren’t really earth shattering. But in all situations I make the safe choice. Thats just how I am programed. I think of nothing but the negative side of things. That isn’t exactly the  best way to view things.  I am working on it.  I mean when something embarrassing happens why can’t I just laugh at it? Its not the end of the world. I turn a shade of red and then it passes. No harm no foul right? Of course some humiliating moments stay with you long after they have passed and you try and try to forget it. But alas, to no avail. You are stuck with that moment in time where you would love to have crawled under the nearest rock and stay there permanently. But again it passes until you are to suffer yet another embarrassing moment. A vicious cycle that is known to repeat until you have trained yourself to be immune to embarrassment. Fat chance of that ever happening to me. -_-

Movies: I saw Where the Wild things are the other day. I thought it was cute. Some parts where a bit odd. But I still thought it was cute. The ending sort of bugs me but there really isn’t anything I can do about the ending of a movie. But if you are into the whole cute family movie  where the child learns an important lesson in a dream? Then you should see this movie. Plus I thought they did a good job on making the wild things look real.  I’m not sure how many stars I would give this movie. I guess four?

I have jury duty on Monday. I cannot miss anymore days of Government after Monday. I need to stop being lazy this is serious stuff man. See the choices I make? Tsk. I am such a lazy student. >_<

Words Without Sleep

I sometimes pick out particular memories and tamper with them. As if they could be changed. I mold them into what I want them to be. Even though I know the past cannot be changed. But still I find this game interesting. Playing it over and over again. Changing things I did say to things I wish I could have said. If only I could learn from the past and think before actually saying things I might regret.

The Old and Forgotten

I was talking to my friend Dustin, the other day. We were making plans to hang out again on Friday. And we got on the subject of memories again. And It made me think. As we get older we forget the little details of things. But I think sometimes the memories we forget are brought back by a picture or video or a scent all by accident. Something that jogs our memory to that time and place. But why?

That got me thinking about the memories we do remember. Why do we remember them? Like my senior English teacher said, “Repetition and trauma.” Is how you remember something. But I think if its good or if its something that made you happy, you would remember it as well. But lets face it trauma/embarrassing moments trumps happiness. And you are not quick to forget the horrible things in life. Sigh. Anyway talking with Dustin made me think of how I was as a kid. I mean I know I am different from then. I know a ton of things now that I didn’t even knew existed as a child. (simpler times) But as we get older how does the brain file away memories? I mean do we remember everything and our brains just decide which details to share with us and which ones we forget? I stop to think and I only remember a bit of my time with Dustin. Like I remember a few things but not a lot. And he was one of my best friends in Elementary. Of course when I moved away we grew apart. But still that was a big chunk of my childhood. Of course I still don’t remember the first time I was introduced to him. That’s sad. But hey we were five, and you can’t blame me for not remembering something that happened what 14 years ago?

But then I have memories of days in Preschool (before then)where sometimes nothing exciting or happy happened to me. It was just an ordinary day like any other. Why do I remember days like that? One for example is when we traced our profile using our shadow. I mean I remember sitting in the chair by the door in the dark while the teacher shined the light to cast a shadow of my profile which was traced by another teacher. Why do I remember that? Then of course I remember when BJ (boy I liked) would give me rings from those gum ball machines and I would then lose them in the playground. But he would keep giving me them always saying,” Don’t take it to the playground and lose it.” Which I would always say,”I won’t lose it. I promise.” And of course it would result in me losing it. -_- Yup I never did learn my lesson. But I mean why would I remember these things? Another preschool memory is of the hallway outside my classroom and we are sitting on benches to go to the bathroom. And I just remember sitting on those benches. Nothing big happened or traumatic, so why that memory? What separates it from things I don’t remember? Why are these memories special compared to others?

Anyway Missy’s Bridal Shower is next week. I already have Five games I believe? One involves love songs. Which I asked people on my facebook and twitter to give me suggestions, but do they? No. Whats the point in having a facebook if the friends on it won’t even give feedback? Stupid facebook. Its fine I don’t really talk to everyone on it so I guess it doesn’t matter. -_- My An Cafe cd is still stuck. T-T Mom will take it to the dealership on Friday and hopefully they can get it out. Here’s hoping.

I think of the oddest things.

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