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So I mentioned in my last blog about a possible giveaway. I’ll make a vlog showcasing the clutch I made that will be up for grabs. If enough people participate I might give two away. I’ll try to get that going this weekend or maybe sometime next week.

I bought new fabric this weekend. I bought a pretty paper umbrella fabric and this cute sewing themed one. Kat chose those two. And then I noticed the robot one in the clearance section and just had to get it. >.< And then my mom showed me this nice Star Wars fabric. XD I lost it. I HAD to buy it. Lets just say I went a tad bit over board, but I can’t help it. Once I enter that store I’m instantly drawn to all the pretty fabric and just start piling it into my cart. And can you blame me? It doesn’t help with all the signs that say 30% and 40% off. Plus the coupons?! O.o The coupons!!!! But I did drive all the way to Jo Ann’s fabrics. Now that is a pretty big step for me. I hate driving in Houston anxiety. Its scary and I hate doing it. But at the same time I want to learn. I drove again on Sunday, and while Mija and mom ran errands Kat and I stayed in the car and took a bunch of pictures. XD We do this a lot. She is my unofficial photographer. That’s the best thing about sisters. You can just be yourself around them. Well that’s true for siblings in general. Its also interesting because they know you for you’re entire life and they see the transformation you go through as you age. Weird. lol So Mija finally managed to get the Toki Doki Cactus Girl phone strap for me. I can’t believe after weeks of buying these foil covered trinkets, she was able to get it. Talk about luck. I mentioned this a few posts back…on how I got a milk strap. Now all that is left is to get the Pink Cactus Girl for Kat. I put it on my cell, I’m still amazed by this. I mean at first the game was fun, but after awhile the element of surprise becomes very frustrating. They should just have clear boxes so we know which ones we are buying and we can buy the ones we want. Not that I don’t like my milk strap, because I do, but it would make getting the other ones much easier. -.- I know just a stupid keychain. But its a sister thing. I can’t help it. Plus how freaking cute is Toki Doki? Extremely. I have an extra phone strap that I might include as a separate giveaway. But only if I do one clutch. This will be my first giveaway, and if it goes well I’ll continue to do one every other month or so.  If not then maybe the next handmade creation will grab your attention.

Question!!!! Do you have any siblings? Or are you an only child?

Genghis Virgin

So I updated M-S the other day. I made a fold clutch following this tutorial. M-S is the space where my sisters and I post about our projects.

My older sister Mija, is a Graphic Designer, she is the creator of my wonderful blog layout and also of the M-S lay. So she freaking rocks. Kat, my younger sister, is working to become a pâtissier. She is developing her cooking skills and updates her creations on M-S.  And I update M-S, with fun sewing and knitting projects that I teach myself how to make. We take turns updating once a month and its a way for us to express our own personalities and creativity.

So my mom and Kat are here this weekend and my bro-in law Jody, took us out to dinner last night. We at Genghis Grill, and it was AMAZING. If you’ve never been before then you must go, I insist. :9 So they give you this small bowl and you start off by picking you’re protein. I packed as much sliced beef and marinated beef as I could. Followed by some crab bits, shrimp, and calamari.  Then you pick your seasoning. I just sprinkled some pepper, lemon pepper and bit of salt on mine. Then you move on to veggies, I added some mushrooms, zucchini and squash. You  pick your sauce, I chose teriyaki, and then pick your starch. I chose two, veggie fried rice and udon noodles. :9 Now if you are unsatisfied with your dish you only have your self to blame. Because you’re the one who basically made it. I was very happy with my combination of food. Next time, I think I’ll stick with crab, sliced beef and maybe a few shrimp. I was determined to pack as much food in that little bowl as I could. Its a lot of food, I couldn’t even finish my bowl. But that just meant I got to take home leftovers. XD If you have tried this place before then let me know the combination’s you’ve tried.

Here’s another song I wanted to share. Cameo Lover by Kimbra. I’ve seen a few different versions with my name in it. The most interesting one is Kimberla. XD Never met anyone with that name but I noticed an author with that name and found it very interesting. Kimbra is another unique one, even her music and videos are interesting. I’m loving her music. If I could cut my hair that short I would. XD

So I want to know, I’m thinking of making a few clutches to giveaway on M-S. Would you be interested?

Meme and Mention

My sister Mija tagged me!


  • You must post these rules.
  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
  • Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  • You have to choose people to tag and link them on the post.

11 Facts about me….

  1. I do NOT like my neck being touched. >.<
  2. I taught myself how to knit and sew. ^^
  3. Nail polish is a new obsession of mine.
  4. I’m horribly unphotogenic…sucks -.-
  5. Teal is my new favorite color.
  6. I am a middle child.
  7. I’ve never eaten, nor do I ever want to, at Taco Bell.
  8. I’m an Editorial Assistant for Gulf Coast. <3
  9. Optometrist scare me.
  10. I can’t dance to save my life.
  11. The internet is something I can’t live without.


1. Who was your childhood hero?   My dad. I was a huge daddy’s girl as a child. Now that I’m grown up and out of the house. He picks on me like a little brother would. :/ He is crazy.

2. What is your biggest pet peeve? Sorry, but I can’t stand it when women wear leggings/tights without wearing something that covers their butt. If you bend down or reach up and I can see your underwear then that means you should wear some shorts or cute bloomers to cover up. Thank you.

3. Favorite thing about grade school? It was so easy to make friends. It was the time before clicks formed and everyone was friends with everyone. Before the jocks became jocks and the geeks became geeks. It was nice. 🙂

4. What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?  I wouldn’t say its my ultimate guilty pleasure, but I enjoy Vampire Diaries. I’ve never read the books, nor do I plan to, but for some reason I just got sucked in by the series. >.< The story line isn’t that great, but I enjoy watching it.

5. Favorite item to accessorize with? It would have to say scarves. After learning how to knit them, I’ve become obsessed. XD But then again I’m crazy about bags and hair accessories as well. So this is actually a very hard question to answer.

6. Do you have any hobbies? Yes I do. Blogging, reading, knitting, sewing. Sometimes I vlog and just writing in general. :3

7. Favorite tasty beverage? Raspberry lemonade. Sooooo freaking yummy. :9 I first tried it at FireHouse Subs. And instantly feel in love with it. And its all thanks to this fancy coke machine.

8. How did you come up with the design of your blog? I just asked my talented sister to design and make one for me. I asked her to design something that would fit my personality and feature my hobbies. And the finish product is just splendid. So thanks again Mjia!! <3

9. Do you go to any cons or meet ups? I’ve been to a few cons, now I’m more focused on going to readings in my area. The one I’m excited for most is The Houston Indie Book Fest. So if your in the area, you should come check it out and look for the Gulf Coast table. That’s where I’ll be. >.<

10. What are you going/did go to school for? I’m an English Major with a Concentration in Creative Writing at UH. And I hope to work for a Journal or a Magazine or a nice publishing company.

11. Tell me your best childhood memory! I have so many good ones. But the one that springs to mind, I wouldn’t exactly call this the best, is when I would tell my mom that a bird landed on my finger while I was playing outside. XD Not sure why I would do this. But it just seemed so amazing, I must have associated birds with Disney Princesses and felt that a bird landing on my finger was pure magic.

My Questions for you!!! :3

1. If you could meet any celebrity or other personality in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
2. Which color best describes you or stands for your personality?
3. How did you come up with your blog url? Or if you don’t have your own domain, where did the name of your blog come from?
4.Describe yourself in a single sentence.
5. Favorite cartoon character?
6.Pc or Mac?
7. iphone or Droid? Or if you don’t have a smart phone, why not?
8. Favorite movie?
9. Why do you blog?
10. What projects have you been working on? (i.e. personal, creative, homework)
11. What is the best thing about your blog design?

I tag Kristen, Melanie, Bea, Sarah, Audry, Robin and Shelly. After you update your blog with this meme leave a link to it on my post. Others are welcomed to it as well.

A Thank You

Firstly, I just want to take the time and thank my fellow bloggers for reading and commenting on my blog. I really appreciate every comment. 😀

And I’ve found some fascinating new blogs to read as well. So win win! So its always good to add your blog url when commenting.  I feel as though there aren’t enough bloggers in the world. And I have yet to meet someone in person who openly confesses to blogging. I mean why wouldn’t you want to blog? I enjoy it. Once I meet someone new, I admit to blogging right off the bat in hopes they share the same pastime.  Sadly, they just look at me and nod. A lot of non-bloggers, see the act of blogging as just another spotlight the attention whores crave. But if you think about it, even the non-bloggers sort of blog in some way. Facebook and twitter is micro blogging is it not? They take the time to type out a sentence or two that documents the day and display it for the world to see. They assume the world cares what they have to say. Yet they mock us, who create more than a few sentences? Hypocritical if you ask me. I think all the dedicated bloggers are hidden away somewhere. But I’m happy to have found such an accepting community with like minded people. So again, I thank you. 😀

So onto daily outfit. This is what I wore on Monday and I actually really love this outfit. I’ve mention before that I don’t always feel pretty. So when I do, I like to take a bunch of pictures to prove that I can. This is another new combination of layers that I’m proud of. Everything matches so well. I’m a bit of a match freak thanks to my sister Mija but I’m not complaining. It was programed in me when I was little so I can’t actually help it. XD The green dress was actually a bit longer but I shortened it because the length was a bit awkward. This is actually shorter than a dress, so I’m wearing some shorts underneath. I even do so when the dress is actually long enough. Layers are actually a security blanket for me. The more layers the better. The tights I’m wearing are actually my favorite. I bought them a year or two ago at Target. I’m really loving this mint green, its featured in the cardigan, the tights, the purse (also from Target a few years back) and even my nail polish. I knitted an olive green bow for my hair, I’m in love with making hair accessories. And bows are just so fun to use/make. 😀 My hair is in a bun, I used a sock to create the perfect bun. Of course in person its a massive bun. I have a ton of hair and its hard to get my hair to cooperate with the me but I managed to get it to work. It takes some practice to get the sock bun down and I’m getting there. My younger sister, Kat discovered the sock bun and showed me how to do it. I’m still surprised I managed to do it.

So I packed some rice balls for lunch the other day. They made for a great picture, but they weren’t exactly very filling. So I think I’ll stick with my sandwiches for now. But I did have fun adding faces to the picture. Look how cute? I wish I could pack a cute bento, but my culinary skills are nonexistent. So I wouldn’t be able to be put something as beautiful and yummy together like some can. Besides, I have to keep in mind what will keep throughout the day. I carry my bento with me around campus, there is no locker or fridge to hold my personal items. I’m not Sailor Moon, I don’t have an invisible pocket that holds the moon scepter. So I have to make sure it won’t go bad or make my bag smell horrible. So tuna or mayonnaise product is out of the question. Its just good ole’ Pb&J for me. Of course, I like to cut my sandwiches into butterflies or hearts. It reminds me of my mom. >.< And it makes it brings a smile to my face when I go to eat my heart shaped sandwich.

Well it appears that I have stayed up way past my bed time. Blast! I should really get to sleep. I have a late day tomorrow. :/

I’ll end the post with this, do you have any other ideas of what I could pack for lunch? Something easy? lol


I lost my straighter the other morning…I know this might not seem like a big deal but to me it is a very big deal.

The only thing I obsessed about is my hair. I cannot leave the house without taming it. If I don’t? My hair is this out of control frizzy mess that could strangle someone. That someone being me. I’ve had many straighteners in my life and I’ve lost quite a few, (lost count) and they aren’t exactly cheap. -.- But I was in the middle of straightening my hair and couldn’t finish the job because I noticed its red light was off. My first instinct was to panic. O.O Followed by,”Oh shit oh shit!” I recall the last time this happened…and I vaguely remember my mom saying something along the lines,“You’re buying the next one when this happens again.” That was like 2 maybe 3 years ago. That is what sucks about these products. They work amazingly for a couple of years and then die. Why can’t they just last forever?!!! >o< Luckily, I have the most wonderful mom on the planet and she totally saved me by buying me a new one. Yes, I am a HUGE BRAT. I make no attempts to hiding that fact along with being pretty vain. But I can’t help it. Once I started straightening my hair, (8 yrs ago) there was no stopping. I refuse to let my hair run amok. It’s like Medusa, only I have no control over the snakes. And it shows no mercy, once you make eye contact…you’re doomed. :/

So now that I’m done freaking out, I can show you the cutest bag I saw at Target the other day. Its either a fox or a raccoon not sure. But how freaking cute is it? They also had an owl version, but the way it was designed made it look like an angry bird. But after doing some research, (aka typing words into Google) I found this. And also the original designer’s Etsy store. It sucks that, a designer’s original idea can be copied like that. It almost makes me somewhat glad that I didn’t buy the bag, even though it is extremely cute. >.< But this also makes me want to try and design my own fox/raccoon bag. I do like the use of pleather in the hand bag.  I’ve been wanting to try and make something with pleather myself. Maybe I should hunt some down and actually get started on that goal. But with school starting I haven’t had a lot of time to make anything. I still haven’t updated M-S for this month yet. I keep wanting to make this, this month but homework keeps getting in the way. :/ Speaking of homework, I should finish reading a chapter before I actually go to sleep. >.< I’m so bad, but hey I’m still trying to get back to having a schedule and deadlines again. Also I was browsing Youtube, and stumbled upon this Cults music video. Emma Roberts and Dave Franco sure have grown up.  Plus is it just me or has he lost that dopey awkwardness he has on Scrubs? Also he is starting to resemble his brother more. This music video is so pretty and bittersweet. Makes me want to actually take a chance on something instead of just day dreaming about it.

So have any beautiful music videos to share? Or any items you regret not purchasing?


So today instead of working on my homework I accompanied The Roomies to PetSmart the other day on a search for a pump for our broken water bowl.

And oh what we found was an abundance of cuteness. I am and forever will be a cat person. Unless, I marry someone who wants a dog in that case I will only allow a border collie, an Australian Shepherd or a corgi  because they are sooooooooooooo cute. >.< I might settle for a corgi Shepherd mix but only if it looks like this.  Ok so they all pretty much look the same. But what can I can I say? I like what I like. Anyway so I went straight to the adoption center because I love seeing the cats. And I almost died from all the adorableness in the room. This calico pictured on the left was up for adoption. How freaking cute?!!! I wanted to take her home so bad. I also felt like she is looked like the offspring of my roommates’ cats Tomo and Missy. (if they weren’t spayed or neutered) I should have listened to my sister when she said I would want to take a kitty home with me.  And now its too late and I’ve laid eyes on this adorable cat. I never really thought about calico cats until I moved in with Mija and Jody. Did you know that calico cats are a female only breed? I didn’t either. But yeah I read it somewhere and its true as far as I know. So along with the cats, I also saw the birds, fish, rodents and reptiles. And one in particular caught my attention. This lizard, forgot the name of it, was so freaking hyper. And he had so much personality for such a small thing. I mean he kept looking at my cell when I tried to snap pictures of him.  So freaking weird but adorable at the same time. I’m not really a reptile person but he was an interesting specimen. And so tiny. If for some reason I wanted a lizard for a pet I would get this little guy. Of course I would be worried to get a pet as small as a lizard, mouse, or hamster. I would be afraid of it getting out and getting lost or getting eaten by Missy or sucked up by the vacuum.  So many dangers for small pets that’s is why I’ve only ever had fish and fat cats. Other than that nothing.  We looked around for a bit and I continued to walk by the cats again and again until the area started to make me light headed due to full litter boxes. That was enough to stop me from walking in that direction. So my roomies and I started to look at the cat trees. We’ve been wanting to get something for Missy to scratch and lay on. She has been doing a number on our stairs. The little devil, she is too old to declaw so we’ve ruled out that option. Tomo was declawed when he was younger so he doesn’t need a scratching post. But we would still want a tree that is strong enough to hold his fat ass. Those things aren’t exactly well made if you buy the cheaper one. So Jody thinks he can build one, with help from my dad. We just need to get some carpet pieces and rope to cover it. I’m excited, I hope they can make it soon rather than later. So that was the adventure at PetSmart. We ended up leaving empty handed. On to daily outfit. I keep forgetting to take pictures every day so I only have what I wore on Thursday. The entire week I used the Star Wars bag I made. And because its such a busy print I have to wear grays, blues, and browns. So the entire week I wore outfits that matched well with my bag and my boots of course. I had way more combinations than I thought I did. So yay!! Ok well I screwed up my sleeping pattern once again…-.- damn.

But let me end by asking, are you a dog person or a cat person? And would you consider switching sides for your significant other?

Glass Bottle

So I the other day was the first day of the new semester. And I was almost late. >.<

I just haven’t gotten used to sleeping early, I don’t know how I’m going to do it once I start having hw deadlines. I’m taking 3 English classes this semester…suicide I know. But this just means I really have to manage my time better this semester. And work out a schedule so I can get all of my writing done. I hope I have time to work for GC this semester as well.  But I can’t even get my sleep back on track. Its 2:51 AM and I’m still up…straightening  my hair/blogging. :/ Not a great way to start off the first week of the semester but its a force of habit…and its going to take awhile for me to break this habit. So Tuesday started with Math at 1:00-note to self leave home at 11:20 to avoid being late. >.< But thankfully I arrived just in time. I have to take two buses to get to campus and I miscalculated a little. :I Anyway, I couldn’t decide what to wear to school. I kept changing outfits which is another  reason I slept late. >.< I finally went with this outfit pictured to the right. I had trouble finding an outfit to match my new boots.  But luckily, I managed to find something to match. And I’m actually proud of myself. The jacket actually matches the boots and it goes well the blue shirt and brown tights. I paired it with my Star Wars bag and voilà – a nice outfit. 😀 I also braided a ribbon in my hair following this video. You can’t really see it too well in the picture but I’m sure I’ll wear it again and take better pictures of it.  Ok need to hurry and finish this entry fast. Next up is soda- I hate drinking sodas. I don’t like the feeling it leaves as you gulp it down. When I think of quenching my thirst I think of water…or lemonade. But recently I’ve been drinking a soda here and there. It started with a vodka soda and branched off to raspberry Smirnoff’s. But its not limited to alcoholic beverages. Oh not at all…hehehe . I’ve actually fallen in love with the soda Izze.  I have this weird obsession with glass bottles. I dunno why? But I’m fascinated by them and find them pretty. XD So I bought an Izze soda today to break a 10 so I could put more money on my bus pass.  I don’t want to get in the habit of drinking soda because its not good for you. And I’m happy with just drinking water all the time. I don’t know why so many people hate water. My little sister hates drinking water, I guess its too boring for her. But its the same for me when it comes to milk. I can’t stand drinking milk. Minus chocolate milk and the milk in my cereal bowl. But straight milk? Blech.  But anyway its already late and I should go to sleep now. I have 2 classes later today and I don’t get home until 7:00 tonight. I hate late classes…but at least its not on Saturday. Don’t ever take a Saturday class you will just die a little inside.

Do you like drinking fruity drinks because they are pretty as well? Or am I just crazy? O.o

Something Warm

I’ve never been a fan of coffee. But like many, I do enjoy the smell of it.

Once it finally gets cold here in Texas I always wish I could just snuggle up with a good book and a nice cup of something warm. I’ve tried hot chocolate, I can’t stand the smell of it nor do I like marshmallows (unless its a rice crispy treat). And even though I enjoy the smell of coffee, I just don’t like it. So now I’m left without a drink to enjoy during the winter.

Except wait!! There is tea.

Now I like sweet things, and tea is very bitter so I’m trying to find more ways to make tea more…acceptable. I enjoy a cup of raspberry tea as long as I dump a whole lot of sugar in it. Side note- How cute is this tea pot and tea cup? Too cute. My mom gave me this white tea pot and I adore it. The cup is my younger sister’s, she bought it from F.i.t. Its heart shaped and since its white I thought it would match the pot. And make for a cute picture. 😀 But I still haven’t found the right amount, sometimes I feel like I add too much and then the aftertaste isn’t very tasty. I’ve tried adding syrup and it sort of makes it somewhat yummy. But its still not the taste I’m looking for. What I really hope to find is a sweet tea that doesn’t need any added sugar. A tea that is already the right amount of sweet to satisfy my taste buds. But alas, I feel like my search will never end. Of course with Texas and its bipolar weather its not like I don’t have the time to discover this new tea. XD

So do you have any tips to make tea more sweet..besides adding loads of sugar to the pot? :9

Course Schedule Mishaps

Ok I don’t know what I was thinking when I was signing up for classes this semester, but I must have had a reason for doing this…I just can’t remember what it was.

So I actually signed up for classes pretty early this semester. I was proud of myself because I usually wait until the last minute. And this causes me so much stress yet I continue to wait every semester. But not this time, this time I managed to register for classes early. But I haven’t looked at my schedule since registering two months ago. And last week I received an email letting me know that my tuition wasn’t fully paid. So after taking care of that problem, I decided since classes are starting soon I should look where my classes are.

My schedule is as follows…

  • Mon-Wed. : Shakespeare class 1:00-2:30

Non-Fiction class 5:30-7:00

  • Tues-Thurs.: Math -.- 1:00-2:30

Fiction Forms (Tues. only) 2:30-5:30

O.o Wait what?…

And then I realized that I signed up for a math class that ends the same time a creative writing class starts!!! I must have noticed this when I scheduled for classes. Why did I do this? What was I thinking? I wouldn’t make this mistake. So before freaking out (even more) I looked up the classrooms for each class. I was hoping the classrooms wouldn’t be too far from each other. Only they aren’t exactly near each other either. The building outlined in green is  the Science and Engineer building. And that is where  I will be having math… in this room. The building circled in red is the English building and that is where the rest of my classes are located. Notice the distance? They are actually pretty far from each other. And I have no idea what I’m going to do about this. I think what must have gone through my head was, I’ve had this English teacher before; he won’t mind if I’m a tad bit late for class. And classes don’t always end exactly at the time it says it does. So I might have enough time to run across campus for my next class. Not to mention teachers aren’t always on time either so there is that to take into consideration. However, I’m still left with the feeling of wanting to kick myself. WHY DID I DO THIS?! >.< School is already complicated enough and  I just had to make it even more complicated.  But then I remembered, I signed up for this math class because this was the only time slot open for that class. So even though I am pretty worried about this. Its not the end of the world. I’m going to first see how it is and hope to god that its actually not that big a deal. I’ll simply let Aaron (Fiction forms teacher) know, and I’ll do my best to make it to class on time. And its not like I’ll be an hour late or anything. So as soon as I get back to Houston, I’m going to test out how long it takes me to get from point green to point circle. And I’ll just run to class if I have to. >.< And to end this blog entry….LOOK!!! Robot ring!!! How freaking cute is this?! Too cute. My mom bought these for me and my sisters. When it comes to accessories, I’m more of a bracelet/necklace kind of girl. But I’ve been wanting to try wearing more rings.  My sisters and I each wear glasses  and my mom thought they matched us.

 I’m gonna hit the hay and try not to worry about my schedule problems. If you’re returning to Uni, have you looked at your schedule recently? I’d check it if I were you. -.-

Shopping Woes

So my mom had Monday off, so we planned a day of shopping. I’m going back to Houston on Sunday so she wanted to get me and Kat a back to school outfit. I love mom. Only, shopping right after the Holidays is just pointless.

Pointless in a small town anyway. Yeah there are a bunch of sales that make you feel a little less guilty when it comes to buying clothes but what I’ve come to learn is that the only items left on the rack are left overs. The items that no one bought before Christmas, sizes S and XXL only. You’d be lucky if you managed to find a medium. I was on a mission to find some nice tights and a blouse/shirt or better a great dress that I could either dress up or down depending on the occasion. Also I wanted it to match my new boots. >.< I love them. But before we could start our mother daughter day (minus one), we had to see what the weather had in store for us. It was thundering and raining, so I feared mom would change her mind and try to reschedule our shopping day for some other time. But she said it should be fine and we ventured out in the rain anyways. Luckily, after we got to the mall it stopped. However, I think the rain was an omen, trying to tell us that we wouldn’t find anything in the stores today.

The first store on our list was JCPenny’s. And there was nothing that caught my eye. Minus this pretty necklace and bird ring. But they were each 9 bucks. -.- And I was holding out for an actual outfit. (I regret not getting them) Kat found a ring she liked so she got that, and I bought some nice brown tights to wear. Kat and I were hoping that rue 21 would have something we liked. They always have great selections….not this time. There was nothing there either. I was hoping to find at least a dress that I liked. I found one but it was too small. And then mom brought a skirt into the dressing room for me to try on. It was cute, but not cute enough for 21.99.  Besides I have enough bottoms, its tops that I need.  Side note-I was making an awkward face in the picture so I decided to cover it up with Keroppi’s face. I always forget to take pictures of the clothes I try on. I also tried on some great cord pants. They were comfy and a nice brown yellow plus only 15 bucks. But again I was determined to find a dress or a blouse. And we were going to hit up Kohl’s next and I was holding out. -.- Of course only for more disappointment. Word of the wise, don’t shop in a small town after the Holidays because there is nothing left. I was bummed, then mom suggested we go have lunch. We were going to go to The Local but as it turns out they close after four on Mondays. -.- Lame. So we went to Luby’s instead, but mom wasn’t very happy with the food there. Even though so many little things went wrong I was happy to spend the entire day with my mom. She is the best and I’m gonna miss not see her every day. T-T  So after that we went home and Kat and I passed out on the couch. Going through the motions of shopping is exhausting, and more so when you don’t even have anything to show for it. -.- But in a couple weeks there will be new items in stock and we’ll be ready.  Of course I’m not going to put so many limits on deciding what I buy next time. I should have just bought those great pants. They were nice….oh well there is always some other time.

Shopping after the holidays is difficult…have any shopping woes to share? I wanna hear about it.

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